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   Chapter 701 All Because I Appear Too Late In Your Life (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6588

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Cassandra looked up houses available for rent online.

She found a small house located in an old alley, which suited both her requirements and aesthetics. It was a traditional building with a courtyard that had a history longer than anyone who had ever resided it. She also liked the big jujube tree in the courtyard that she could see in the pictures. It looked like it too was very old and had a long history.

She talked with the owner of the house, and learned that the rent wasn't a lot. The best thing was it was immediately available.

Cassandra made an appointment with the owner so she could meet him in person and talk about the details. She turned off the computer and began to pack up her clothes and the articles she used regularly. She also planned to buy a new cellphone before meeting the owner.

The moment he left Rufus's company, Harry told his men to look for Cassandra. He also tried to look for her on his own, even though he had no clue where she could be.

Cassandra sat in a cafe. Warm sunlight fell on her table, illuminating the savory and steaming coffee on it.

Her eyes remained fixed on the boy sitting opposite to her. He had sharp features. In his black causal shirt, he looked gentle and kind.

"Is that house yours?" Cassandra asked doubtfully, staring at him. He looked too young to own a house.

The corners of his mouth turned into a smile. "Yeah. It actually belonged to my grandmother. She gave me the ownership before she passed away."

Cassandra nodded, and took a sip of her coffee, which was excessively sweet. Shortly after, she asked another question, "I will only rent the house for a short term. Is that acceptable?"

The boy looked back at her with a natural intensity in his eyes. He hadn't taken his eyes off her since he sat down. However, Cassandra did not feel disgust as he seemed to be a very nice guy and was also very well behaved.

"Of course!" the boy answered without any hesitance. He smiled

use. She was satisfied with everything except one thing.

Hans. He didn't leave even after they finished handing over the key. He kept following her around the house, like a little tail.

"Cassandra, come here and take a look at these leaves. They are especially beautiful," Hans shouted from the courtyard.

Cassandra walked to him and looked at him like he was a complete idiot. "It is your own house. How come you look more surprised than me at the things here?"

Stroking the back of his own head in embarrassment, Hans answered, "To be honest, I seldom come here."

With a poker face, Cassandra gazed at him and asked, "Such being the case, why don't you leave from here now?"

Hans grinned from ear to ear at her question, like a maniac. "Because I like you, Cassandra. I feel I should give you some company..." he said.

"You're a sweet talker," Cassandra commented. She was on the verge of bursting out on him, but she couldn't as he was the owner of the house she was renting and she needed the place desperately. A woman in a man's world, after all. "Something tells me you've been with a lot of girls."

Glibly, Hans explained, "Not many, a dozen every year at most."

Cassandra kept looking at him, wondering why he was so proud of that. She did not know what to say to him anymore.

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