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   Chapter 700 Adults' Way Of Handling Things (Part Two)

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"Sir, please go back to sleep and get some rest. The doctor said that's all you really need now," Winnie kindly suggested as she walked over to Rufus.

Giving the IV drip a quick glance, Rufus replied, "No, I'd only be wasting time here. I still haven't found Cassandra yet. I can't stay in the hospital. Winnie, go ahead and ask a doctor to come here to help take this thing off me."

Winnie's eyes widened in surprise. "No, you shouldn't do that, Mr. Luo. You need to stay in the hospital and get some rest right now."

Having said that, Rufus simply ignored what she said and told her once again, "Go ask the doctor to come here." Seeing that Winnie was just idly standing there looking like she had no intention of moving a muscle, the expression on Rufus's face turned grim. "Now what? Can't I even ask you to do something for me?"

As she looked at how sullen Rufus was, Winnie bit her lower lip and was forced to go and fetch the doctor for him.

At that point in time, she knew full well that there was no way she could refuse to obey his requests yet. Because if she did that, Rufus might notice how she was acting weird and figure out that she was actually in love with him. If he found out the way she felt for him, there was a good chance he might push her away or even worse, kick her out of the company.

For that reason, she couldn't be acting against his will until she managed to make Rufus fall for her.

Shortly, the doctor arrived in the ward. After hearing that Rufus was intending to leave, his face turned into a frown and he disapproved of it.

Rufus might not have gotten seriously injured, but that didn't mean that he was in a good enough condition to be leaving the hospital.

In any case, he hadn't really slept well the night before. So, if he kept on insisting that he wanted to get out of the hospital, he might just end up getting in another accident given his current state of mind and the physical condition of his body.

However, Rufus didn't actually ask the doctor to come to him for some pointless argument and to turn do

from her bed and got out of her bedroom. Looking at all the delicious meals served on the table, she helplessly asked Edith, "Mother, why did you prepare so much food again?"

Wearing a wide smile on her face, Edith answered, "Come over here and take a seat. I couldn't help but notice how you've become skinnier again. You need to eat more."

Cassandra broke into a smile as she sat down and began to taste the food. Then, she told Edith, "Mother, I'll be leaving soon. But you don't have to worry about me. I'll be back home after a couple of days."

With her eyebrows furrowed, Edith exclaimed, "Where are you planning to go? You are pregnant now. I don't think it's a good idea for you to be wandering around outside.

And why wasn't I able to get through to you via phone?"

Cassandra smiled at her and tried to reassure her, "Don't worry. I can fend for myself. My phone broke, and I didn't really have the time to go buy a new one. I'll make sure to call you the minute I purchase a new one, okay?"

The look on Edith's face lightened up upon hearing Cassandra's answer. "Alright then. Just go buy a new phone as soon as you can. Otherwise, I won't be able to put my heart at ease if I have no way of reaching you."

Cassandra gently explained, "Mother, I am an adult now. I know just exactly what I am doing. I won't do anything that's gonna put myself at risk."

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