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   Chapter 699 Adults' Way Of Handling Things (Part One)

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"Weren't you aware of that?" Stella asked, feeling a bit confused. That being said, upon pondering about it for a second, she came to the realization that Cassandra was calling her through a public phone, meaning to say that she couldn't have possibly talked to Rufus yet.

"Victor was the one who told me about it," Stella explained. "So, what are you planning to do? Do you want to go visit Rufus?"

Seemingly rather hesitant to say anything back, Cassandra had no idea how to respond.

Given that she would really hate to see Cassandra and Rufus have an unfortunate ending, Stella tried convincing her, "Why don't you just drop by the hospital and see how he's doing? For sure, you must be worried sick about him right now."

As she bit her lower lip, Cassandra made up her mind and answered, "Alright then, give me the address of the hospital where they took him."

Stella couldn't help but laugh at this and told her, "See, I knew it. You still care about him! Wait a minute. I'm gonna ask Victor to send me the address right away."

As soon as she got the hospital's address, Cassandra was able to pull herself together right away, at least to some extent. Then she decided to find time to go there and check up on Rufus.

Stella was right. Despite the fact that the two of them sadly ended up being in such a situation, Rufus indeed still held an important place deep in her heart. Truth be told, the moment she found out about Rufus getting injured, her heart began throbbing uncontrollably.

Upon hearing about Rufus being involved in a car accident, Winnie quickly went to the hospital to check up on him.

It seemed that Rufus was still a bit lucky, because even though he had gotten hit by a car, at least he didn't get seriously injured.

The doctor told them that everything seemed to be okay with Rufus, so there wasn't really anything much for him to do but to get some rest.

As she sat right beside the hospital bed, Winnie had her gaze fixated on Rufus who was sound asleep. She just couldn't stop herself from getting captivated by his beautiful face.

"Rufus," leaning in a little closer, Winnie whispered, "when are you

o Rufus. But then, she suddenly heard a noise coming from outside the ward they were in.

Upon hearing someone making a sound, Winnie turned frigid right away. She straightened herself up before she could manage to kiss Rufus. Walking outside to see who it was, she only caught sight of a receding figure.

It was, in fact, a figure that she was quite familiar with.

If she recalled correctly, it was Cassandra.

Looking at the direction where Cassandra headed over to, Winnie chuckled a little. 'Did she misunderstand what she just saw in the ward?

If that was the case, then that would be great!

I really wish this misunderstanding could finally put an end to her fragile marriage with Rufus.'

"Winnie." By the time she came back to the ward, she found that Rufus was already awake.

"Did Cassandra come here just a minute ago?" Rufus vaguely asked while his eyes were still glued to the door. "I don't know why, but I felt like Cassandra was standing at the door watching me just now. I can't really tell whether it was just a dream or it was actually real."

Upon hearing him say that, Winnie was left utterly dumbfounded. 'Could it be some kind of between couples?' she wondered.

Be that as it might, Winnie put on a straight face and told him, "No, Mrs. Luo was never here."

Upon hearing this, Rufus couldn't hide his disappointment. In spite of that, he wasn't really that surprised to hear such a response.

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