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   Chapter 698 Sleeplessness (Part Two)

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Due to his connections to the underworld, Harry's bodyguards were all trained in combat. As a result, Rufus had to admit that the security guards of the company would not stand a chance against them.

In spite of that, Rufus still believed that it was necessary to replace the security guards, because he didn't want to be inferior to Harry in any aspect.

With a gloomy face, Rufus walked into the company. All the employees peeped at him secretly, afraid of provoking his ire. They all knew that a handsome man had just broken in a while ago.

The handsome man was now waiting for their boss in his office.

Winnie stared at Harry, who was sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed. In her honest opinion, she thought that Harry's appearance and aura were not inferior to Rufus's. The fact that he dared challenge Rufus in this way told her that he must be well-connected.

However, after trying to talk to him a few times, she found that he was more difficult to deal with than Rufus. He was by no means an easy-going person.

"Don't look at me like I'm your prey," Harry said while slowly opening his eyes. Looking back at Winnie, he sneered. "I feel disgusted by the expression in your eyes."

His harsh words made Winnie blush with embarrassment immediately. "What...what are you talking about?"

Harry found Winnie's effort to hide her emotions under a facade even more repulsive. "I wonder how Rufus Luo can bear to be around a malicious snake like you every day," he said.

Winnie was so angry with him that her voice shook. "Mr. Ji, please behave yourself!"

Harry took a disdainful glance at her. Before he hurled more sharp-tongued insults, the door of the office was pushed open from outside.

Rufus strutted into the room like a demon while locking eyes on Harry, the bane of his life.

"Harry Ji, don't forget that you're in my office. If you want to act like a juvenile, please go somewhere else," Rufus said in a chilly voice.

Standing up, Harry said, "I have only one question for you. Where is Cassandra right now? I will leave as soon as you

speed. When he realized that the car was about to run her over, Rufus dashed forward and pushed her away without a conscious thought.

He managed to save the little girl's life but in the end he ended up getting hit by the car.

Since he had already been injured before the accident, his body couldn't handle the collision. Before long, he was rushed to the nearest hospital in an ambulance.

Meanwhile, Cassandra found herself sickened by the stuffy air inside her hotel room. She felt imprisoned by her own inhibitions.

Despite her apparent displeasure, Cassandra didn't want to go out and face the world in fear that she would run into Rufus.

After thinking for quite a while, she made a phone call to Stella.

Fortunately, Rufus had called Stella earlier to ask about Cassandra's whereabouts.

As soon as she picked up the call from Cassandra, Stella shouted blusteringly, "Where are you? Rufus has been looking for you all night."

Cassandra was somewhat surprised to hear that. After being dazed for a moment, she answered, "I just needed some time on my own."

Stella sighed with relief when she found that Cassandra was safe. However, her thoughts of relief were soon overshadowed by thoughts of dread. She asked Cassandra, "Do you know that Rufus is in hospital right now?"

'Hospital?' Cassandra was dumbstruck. Flurried, she asked, "Why is he in hospital?"

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