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   Chapter 697 Sleeplessness (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6899

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Cassandra had only eaten a few bites at the party. As a result, she felt her stomach growling, and she decided the time was ripe for some food.

As she approached the stall, the old man with thick, tangled white hair greeted her, "Miss, would you like to have a serving of wonton soup?"

After politely answering him with a nod, Cassandra sat at a table and began waiting.

"It's so late. Why haven't you gone back home yet?" the old man asked while serving up a bowl of wonton soup to the table.

With a smile on her face, Cassandra answered, "I've lost my keys to the house and there is nobody else at home, so I have to stay in a hotel tonight."

The old man didn't further the topic after hearing that. He pulled out a small stool from the corner to sit on and casually struck up a conversation with Cassandra.

"I'm going back home soon. My wife is waiting for me at home," he said.

While eating the delicious wonton, Cassandra curiously asked, "Do you sell wonton until this hour every day? You must be a very hard-working person!"

Furrowing his eyebrows, the old man sighed, "My wife is ill and the medicines are only getting more and more expensive nowadays. Selling wonton soup is the only thing I can do to earn money for her medication."

Cassandra felt sad at the man's story. "Don't you have any children?" she asked.

In a dispirited tone, the old man answered, "We adopted a son many years ago, but he went back to his biological parents after he grew up. We haven't seen him since then."

With a spectrum of complicated feelings in her heart, Cassandra took the bowl to her mouth and drank the rest of the soup. Before leaving, she paid for the food and left the old man whatever extra money she could find in her handbag.

Cassandra wasn't carrying a lot of money on herself as she had left home in a hurry. For that reason, she wasn't able to give the old man as much money as she would like to in order to help him.

After checking into the hotel and getting herself cleaned, Cassandra went to bed, covering herself with a

d stroking his forehead, he heard his cellphone ring again. He reluctantly reached into his pocket and answered the phone just so he wouldn't have to hear it ring any longer.

"Mr. Luo, there's a guest here at the company by the name of Mr. Ji. He says he wants to meet you," Winnie's voice came through on the phone.

Rufus was extremely infuriated by Harry, thinking that if the man had not taken Cassandra to that party he wouldn't have lost his temper at her. After all, it was only because he had lost his temper at Cassandra that she ran away from home in the middle of the night.

The last thing Rufus expected was for Harry, the architect of his misery, to show his face to him so soon.

"Have the security guards kick him out of there right now," Rufus ordered in a cold voice.

Hesitantly, Winnie said, "But Mr. Luo, he has already come upstairs. He's waiting in your office now..."

Rufus grunted in anger, and his hands shook furiously. He nearly threw his cellphone away as he came to realize that it was high time to replace the security guards for letting Harry enter the company so easily.

However, when he arrived at the company and saw a group of strong bodyguards in identical suits, who had accompanied Harry and were standing at the gate of the company, Rufus realized that the security guards of the company couldn't be blamed this time.

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