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   Chapter 695 What Do You Want From Me (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-10-30 00:14

Watching Rufus walk toward her, Cassandra froze in her place. She didn't know how to face him.

Harry reached out to hug her. Cassandra didn't let him, and dodged his hand away.

"Why are you here?" This was the first thing that Rufus asked on seeing Cassandra.

He didn't even explain to her why he was here with Winnie, the woman Cassandra absolutely hated.

The only thing he cared about was why Cassandra was here.

"Mr. Ji, do you really think it's appropriate for you to show up in this party with my wife?" Rufus sneered at Harry, squinting his eyes. His posture was uptight, hands in his pockets.

Cassandra stepped forward and stood in front of Rufus. She fixed her gaze on him intensely, then questioned, "How about you? Didn't you ask yourself the question of appropriateness before you brought Winnie here?"

Rufus managed to control his anger. Coldly, he answered, "I'm here for business. What about him?"

'You brought this woman here for business? Do you really think that I'm that stupid?' Cassandra sneered in her mind, refusing to respond. She stood with her lips pursed, breathing heavily.

Cassandra had already heard many rumors about Rufus. It was the talk of the town that he was in love with someone else. She wondered if the people in this party had already started to assume she was abandoned by Rufus. There was a high chance of that, especially seeing that both of them had showed up here with different partners, not to mention, the banter they were currently having.

There was no way Rufus hadn't heard those rumors. And yet, he seemed least bothered about defending himself.

"Mr. Luo." Harry looked at Rufus with a teasing smile. "Why couldn't I come to this party? Am I just a playboy in your opinion?"

"Harry Ji, I'm warning you. Stay away from Cassandra, or I swear you will regret it," Rufus glared at Harry, stepping forward and spoke

assandra out of the party.

The second Rufus put Cassandra down, she started to run away from him. It looked like she couldn't stand his presence.

Her reaction pissed him off. He ran after her and held her up again. This time, without even trying to be gentle, he threw her inside the car. He then got in the car and locked the doors quickly.

"Go on. Run away again," Rufus said in a cold voice. "Now, what? In front of Harry, you behave very well. And when you're with me, you act out in such a terrible manner. Do you really hate me that much, Cassandra?"

Cassandra hated Rufus for being mad at her because of Harry, while he didn't even bother to give an explanation of what was going on between Winnie and him.

"What on earth makes you believe you have a right to control me?" Cassandra screamed out aloud, hotheaded and angry.

Rufus's eyes widened with shock. He didn't know whether to be sad or furious, to coax Cassandra or yell at her.

"Do I have the right to control you? That's a really good question, Cassandra!" Rufus chuckled in fury. "I know that you are pregnant and you shouldn't get angry in any condition. I have really tried to control my temper because of that reason. But that doesn't mean you can break all boundaries!"

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