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   Chapter 694 Another Woman

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 11094

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"Ahhh!" Cassandra screamed again before she scrambled onto the bed.

This time the sound of her screaming woke Rufus up from his slumber.

When he saw the shock on Cassandra's face, his heart melted. "Are you going to the bathroom?"

Cassandra nodded, still shaking in fear.

Rufus got off the bed, held her hand and walked her to the bathroom.

"I'll wait for you at the door," Rufus said to the little woman when she walked into the bathroom.

Cassandra was deeply moved by his thoughtfulness.

Perhaps it was because Rufus knew that Cassandra was having a hard time falling asleep. This time, he hugged her and whispered words of love into her ears. He finally felt relieved when her eyes closed shut and her breathing turned slow and steady.

He quickly glanced at the clock and realized that it was almost time for him to get up.

Rufus took a deep breath and inhaled the little woman's the mild aroma from her hair. Outside it was raining heavily, but deep inside, he felt at peace.

By the time Rufus got up, Cassandra was still sound asleep. Since she couldn't sleep a wink the whole night, it was clear that she was going to make up for it by sleeping now.

"Mom, I'm going to work now. Cassandra didn't sleep well last night. Please don't wake her up just yet. Let her sleep as much as she wants," Rufus said to Edith.

Edith nodded and waved him good-bye. She kept the dishes warm so that Cassandra would wake up to a warm breakfast.

"Mr. Luo, this is the invitation letter for the charity dinner." Winnie put a nicely designed card on Rufus's table.

Rufus glanced at the card as his eyes emitted tiny flickers of light. 'If I'm not mistaken, this is the pre-activity for the bidding event, ' he thought.

'Following that, there is going to be something really big.'

"Sir, are you going to the dinner party?" Winnie asked Rufus.

Rufus nodded. After a while, he said to her, "Yes, I am, and you'll come to the charity dinner with me."

Cassandra had to stay at home to take care of herself. The long hours of business related activities could be too burdensome for her. Moreover, her body wouldn't allow her to drink as well.

Winnie didn't take his word as a sign of his consideration for Cassandra. She thought about his coldness towards Cassandra yesterday. Now, this naturally seemed to be a sign of his fondness towards her.

'At least, he wants to take me to the party instead of Cassandra. This is a huge progress. I have all the time in the world. I will definitely take away all his love for Cassandra. He can only love me!' Winnie thought to herself.

As for the party itself, Rufus didn't bother to inform Cassandra about it, thinking that it wasn't really necessary.

"Hey, silly girl," Harry said over phone, sounding agitated.

Cassandra asked curiously, "What happened? Are you okay?"

After a few seconds, Harry answered, "Are you still fighting with Rufus?"

When he recalled how Rufus took Cassandra away right in front of him, he felt so irritated that he would've shot someone if he had a gun with him.

Dazed, Cassandra paused for a while before she answered, "We're okay already." 'We haven't really spoken about the fight at all. I guess it's safe to assume that our relationship is back to its normal state again, ' Cassandra thought t

totally wrong! They've been going around acting like a couple behind my back!' Cassandra gnashed her teeth in fury.

She overheard someone chattering from behind that Rufus's partner was enchanting and that they looked good together.

"Have you heard the rumors? Rufus is currently fond of this woman. I heard that this woman is not only beautiful, but also smart and intelligent."

"I thought Rufus is married? What about his wife?"

"Oh well! The fact that he chose to bring another woman to the party instead of his wife tells us just how much he cares for his wife!"

Cassandra felt as if a part of her had died, like a flower shriveling up in winter.

Another person concluded, "Perhaps, a divorce is on the horizon for Mr. and Mrs. Luo."

When he saw Cassandra again, Harry was surprised to find that she looked as if she had lost her soul. 'What happened to her? I was only away for a few minutes. Did something bad happen?' he wondered.

"Hey, silly girl! I was away for just a couple of minutes. What's wrong? Did someone bully you again?" Harry asked, looking concerned.

Sitting in a corner, Cassandra stuttered, "No. No one bullied me."

She raised her head to look at him and her face displayed a ghostly pallor. "Harry, I want to go home."

Harry was nonplussed. Just as he was about to ask her why, he saw a familiar figure.

"Is it because of Rufus?" he asked. "Wait for me here. I'll take care of this for you. How dare he bring another woman here instead of you? Is he trying to tell everyone that he has a lover? I won't stand for this!"

When he strutted furiously towards Rufus, Cassandra pulled him back and said, "Harry, don't bother. I just want to get out of here. Take me home, please."

Harry replied, "Forget about going home for now. He already saw us."

Rufus thought that he was mistaken when he first noticed someone who resembled Cassandra.

But when he looked again, he doubts evaporated in the blink of an eye. Much to his chagrin, Rufus also recognized the man she was with.

Winnie was startled when Rufus suddenly walked away without saying anything, but when she looked to where Rufus was going and saw Cassandra, a smirk crept onto her face.

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