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   Chapter 693 Sweetie, Don't Be Afraid

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However, Cassandra maintained an indifferent attitude towards Harry's curiosity.

"What's the point of talking about it? Are you going to share your infinite wisdom and give me advice on how to live my life now?" Cassandra rolled her eyes at him when she spoke.

This time, however, Harry didn't counter her with harsh words. Instead, he waved his hand and changed the subject, "Do you still want to play?"

Cassandra raised the corners of her mouth. "Of course."

However, the moment she stepped out of the place, someone pulled her back abruptly by her wrist, stopping her from going anywhere else. The force and suddenness of the grip was so strong that Cassandra couldn't help but frown in agitation.

"Cassandra, I have been looking for you for hours. And here you are, hanging out with him!" Rufus's displeasure was made apparent by his cold voice.

For some reason, the moment Cassandra raised her head and saw his sullen face, she snapped at him, "Oh, so all of a sudden you care about who I hang out with? Weren't you busy taking Winnie back home? How did you manage to find the time to look for me? You don't even care about me, do you?"

Gritting his teeth, Rufus squeezed out the words, "Cassandra, don't be silly!"

Staring right into Rufus's eyes, Cassandra was about to subject to her wrath. However, Rufus hoisted her over his shoulders, leaving no chance for an argument.

"Get your hands off her," Harry intercepted while Rufus was trying to take Cassandra away.

Gazing at Harry who was standing in his way, Rufus sneered, "What? Are you going to interfere in our family matters?"

A sharp pain shot up Harry's heart the moment he heard the words 'family matters.' However, he managed to maintain his graceful disposition.

"It's obvious that Cassandra doesn't want to go with you. I don't think it would be appropriate to take her against her will," Harry said coldly, squinting his eyes.

Meanwhile, Cassandra decided to keep silent.

She didn't want to see Rufus and Harry have an argument as much as she wanted to have the argument with Rufus herself.

After all, no matter how bad their argument would have ended up to, deep down in her heart, she still loved Rufus very much.

As for Harry, he was a very important friend to her. She didn't want to see Rufus and Harry lock horns over her.

"All right, that's enough! Both of you, shut up!" Cassandra said, while struggling to get back on the ground.

However, Rufus was so strong that he didn't give any chances for her to get away from him. When he saw Cassandra struggling incessantly, he tilted his head to the side and whispered to her ear, "If you move again, I will kiss you right here in front of everyone!"

That was enough to render Cassandra completely motionless.

Rufus couldn't help lifting the corners of his mouth.

Harry's eyes darkened at the sight of Cassandra and Rufus.

Before Rufus could start another verbal fight with Harry, Cassandra said, "Harry, I should probably go home now. I don't want my mother to worry about me."

Harry sighed, nodding his head with a crestfallen look on his face. His eyes fixated on Rufus, as he carried Cassandra out on his shoulder.

The moment they got in the car, Rufus couldn't wait to dish out his anger.

"Why were you hanging out with him again?" This question had been eating at his mind ever since he saw them together.

Cassandra sneered, "I ran into him while I

, in a concerned voice.

Cassandra answered, "I can't sleep. It's too noisy outside."

Rufus suddenly laughed. "Do you know where thunder came from?"

Cassandra opened her eyes wide and asked in curiosity, "No! Where?"

Rufus explained in an indifferent voice, "Legend has it that there were many ghosts wandering outside in the world. God wanted to punish them for their evil deeds, so he created thunder as a punishment. A place where there is thunder is a place where the ghosts live."

The moment Rufus finished explaining, the mighty sound of a thunder rumbled down to their ears.

Cassandra was scared out of her wits. She let out a scream and hid her face in the crook of Rufus's arm.

"Rufus! How do you know all of this? It's nonsense. You are being superstitious. You shouldn't believe such things," Cassandra reprimanded with her eyes closed.

Rufus was speechless. "I didn't say I believe in this story. It's just a story I've heard before. I just wanted to share it with you. You don't have to believe it."

Gritting her teeth, Cassandra blamed him, "So you thought it would be funny to tell me this story right now? Are you deliberately trying to scare me?"

Rufus laughed. "All right, sweetie. Don't be afraid. I made it all up. Let's go back to sleep now, okay? Don't think about it too much."

It was 2 AM and somehow, Rufus managed to go back to sleep amidst all the noise.

However, for some reason, sleep seemed to have evaded Cassandra's eyes. As if that weren't bad enough, she now realized that she needed to go to the bathroom.

The crackling of thunder and the flashing of lightning outside had her temporarily incapacitated. She couldn't find the courage to get up on her own.

'Should I wake Rufus up and ask him to take me to the bathroom?' Cassandra kept wondering in mind.

She whispered gently to his ear to see if he would wake up.

Her whisper was so gentle that it certainly couldn't wake him up.

Staring at him sleeping soundly, Cassandra gritted her teeth. 'I'm just going to the bathroom. It's not a big deal!'

After taking a deep breath, she pushed the quilt aside and got up. She walked into the bathroom nervously. She was only a few steps away from the door when another ominous rumble of thunder roared in the distance.

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