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   Chapter 692 Who Bullied You

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"Harry..." Cassandra almost cried out.

Harry saw Cassandra sad, disheartening face. Instantly, he stopped speaking in his usual sarcastic tone.

"What happened? Did someone pick on you? Tell me!" Harry squatted down and sat next to her. She was quite disconsolate.

Biting her lower lip, Cassandra answered, "Nothing..."

Before Harry got a chance to say anything else to comfort her, Cassandra suddenly exclaimed, "Harry! I thought your legs were still plastered! How long has it been? You can walk now! I can't believe it!"

He saw the disbelief in Cassandra's eyes, and explained helplessly, "I was able to recover quickly. After you visited me last, they took the plaster off."

He then whined with a feigned annoyance, "Were you hoping I would stay in bed forever? So that you can keep bullying me?"

Cassandra chuckled lightly, "Harry, you are so clever! How did you figure out my secret plans? You must know me really well!"

Staring at her intently, Harry retorted, "Stop joking, or I'll seriously punch you!"

Cassandra refused to be intimidated by his hollow threats. "Who are you kidding? Take a look at your weak arms. They'll snap in a second if you try to fight me."

Harry sighed and started to grit his teeth to show his disapproval.

The negative feelings that were bothering Cassandra seemed to have dissolved in their little altercation. Soon, Cassandra's face lit up with a smile again.

"Let's go and play! Let's have some fun!" Harry said and jumped to stand up.

Cassandra followed him. She knew Harry wasn't a bad guy and that she could trust him.

One had to say that sometimes Cassandra behaved really naively. She didn't know how to protect herself. It was easy for her to give away her trust.

Luckily, Harry had no intention of taking advantage of her.

"Do you know how to play pool?" asked Cassandra, as they entered a room with a pool table in it.

Harry rolled his eyes at her. "Is there anything I don't know?"

Cassandra too rolled her eyes in response, making a face at his arrogant attitude.

Harry grabbed a cue and positioned himself like a professional.

Cassandra stood aside, ready to dive right into her sarcastic mode.

To her surprise, Harry not only knew how to play but also played really well. He potted all the nine balls in a streak. His spectacular performance even drew a small crowd around the table, which exclaimed and clapped excitedly.

However, Cassandra didn't seem to be very happy. "Harry, when did you learn to play? You didn't even tell me!"

Harry's face twitched. "Did that surprise you? What kind of person do you think I am?"

Peering at him, Cassandra asked, "Do you really want to know the answer? I'll tell you if you promise not to hit me afterwards."

Anxious to know Cassandra's impression of him, he quickly agreed, hoping he wasn't acting too desperately. "Come on, tell me."

Cassandra gazed at him with a hesitant look. "Arrogant. Impotent. You may look classy, but you are the master of sarcasm. No wonder you can't get married."

Feigning an amicable smile, Harry gritted his teeth. "Wow! I'm impressed."

Cassandra recognized that smile. She knew that

tle woman. He even went back to the Grand Restaurant, but Cassandra was nowhere to be found.

'Where is she?' Rufus rubbed his head, agitated and anxious.

"You've just recovered. You shouldn't indulge in such physical activities right now. Are you out of your stupid mind?" Cassandra nagged at Harry, as if she were scolding her own son for being irresponsible.

Harry kept his head low and allowed Cassandra to scold him. However, when he heard people chuckle behind him, he could take it no more.

"Hey, girl, did you forget the lesson I gave you last time? Seems like you tend to push the boundaries to the maximum extent whenever I give you the slightest of chances!"

Cassandra raised her chin proudly and answered, "No! You should say I know exactly how to take advantage of you!"

Harry argued back, "You are shameless! You are crossing the line!"

Beaming at him, Cassandra retorted, "Well, I don't need to have any shame when I'm with you.

Harry's lips curled into a smile. "I'll take that as a compliment."

Cassandra humbly replied, "Hahaha! You are very welcome, sir. It's my pleasure."

Harry realized his comebacks weren't as strong as they used to be. Or perhaps, Cassandra's game had just improved over the years. That was maybe because she felt extremely comfortable and, like he had said, "shameless" in his company.

Cassandra felt much better after having spent the time with Harry.

It didn't mean that she had forgotten her troubles. She just found a temporary relief by spending the day with Harry. All the other matters seemed to have been pushed to the back of her mind.

After all, it was such a joy to 'quarrel' with a man who knew how to quarrel in a fun manner.

She was free from Rufus, free from Winnie, free from broken promises, free from the disappointment that came with them.

An escape from reality was probably unhealthy, but it worked wonders to heal Cassandra's broken heart.

And as far as he was concerned, Harry was still deeply intrigued by why Cassandra had been so gloomy, but he didn't want to bring it up now to her smiling, beautiful face.

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