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   Chapter 691 The Desire To Eat

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Rufus felt relieved to see that they were at least willing to speak with each other. "Winnie, there is a reason why I asked you to meet me for lunch today."

Winnie could guess what Rufus was going to say right now.

Just as she expected, Rufus said, "I want to talk about the rumors that have been running around lately."

Winnie responded with a big smile, "What's the big deal? It's just nonsense. We shouldn't waste our time on it."

Cassandra sensed a hint of ridicule in Winnie's words. She made it sound like it was superfluous of Cassandra to even think about the rumors.

When he noticed that Cassandra had no intentions to saying anything, Rufus continued, "Although we all know that it's just a rumor and it's not true at all, I still want to explain myself to Cassandra, just so everything is clear. That's why I decided to invite you for lunch today."

Winnie maintained a steady smile on her face, while Cassandra sat across her silently.

"Cassandra, there's nothing going on between me and Winnie. Please believe me," Rufus asserted with a serious look.

Then he looked at Winnie.

Winnie took the hint and said, "Mr. Luo is telling the truth, Mrs. Luo. We are just work colleagues, nothing more. We only have business related communication at work. We don't have much contact outside of work."

Cassandra nodded her head. She pursed her lips, refusing to utter a word.

Rufus found himself caught in between the struggle of two ladies.

"Winnie, haven't you ordered any food yet?" Rufus finally realized that there was nothing on the table.

Winnie laughed. "I was afraid that if I had ordered earlier, you would be eating leftovers. So, I decided to wait for you."

Rufus responded with a casual smile. He waved his hand at a waiter and asked him to come over so they could start ordering food.

"Please be mindful," Rufus said to Cassandra while lowering his head to help her get rid of the fish bones.

Rufus had been removing fish bones for Cassandra since the last time she choked on one.

A sense of hatred arose in Winnie's heart as she watched the man affectionately remove the fish bones for his woman without feeling embarrassed. However, she managed to keep her emotions from spilling over immediately.

"Winnie is a smart and witty person. I believe that you two will have many things to talk about once you get to know each other," Rufus continued. "Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, she is my diligent assistant while Cassandra is my beloved wife. I really hope that you two can get along with each other."

Winnie immediately reached out to Cassandra and said, "I'd love to be friends with Mrs. Luo."

Cassandra cast her a short glance. Instead of reaching out to hold her hand, she coldly said, "I can tell that Winnie is indeed a good and respectable lady. I, on the other hand, spend most of my time staying at home. I'm afraid we won't have the chance to get along well with each other, as we don't see each other at all."

Winnie took back her hand and responded with a casual expression, "That's not a big problem. I can visit you when I have free time from work."

'Does she really think I'll let her get in my house?' All of a sudden, Cassandra prepared herself to be on the alert.

Without a pause, she turned Winnie down. "No thanks. That won't be necessary. Rufus prom

put a smile on her face. Unfortunately, she failed because all she wanted to do right now was cry.

She had desperately wanted to clear Rufus's misunderstanding about her just now. But she knew a restaurant like this would not put up any cameras in the VIP rooms.

Looking at the mess on the floor, Cassandra recalled Winnie's smug face earlier. She felt a sense of coldness rising in her heart.

Although Rufus, on more than one occasion, assured Cassandra that he believed her, he hardly acted on his words when the time came.

It seemed like his words did not carry much weight after all.

Nevertheless, she felt like a fool, always putting her faith in Rufus no matter what he said or did.

In the end, her blind faith in him would inevitably come to hurt her.

Not knowing how long she had been sitting in the room, Cassandra finally stood up and walked out, muddleheaded.

She no longer felt certain whether Rufus was telling the truth or not.

One minute he could be very kind and gentle to her, and in the next, he could leave her for another woman, without caring about her at all.

After walking out of the restaurant, Cassandra noticed a lot of people walking on the street. However, standing on the crowded street, surrounded by many, she somehow felt a sense of loneliness inside her.

Fortunately, there was an ice-cream stall not too far away.

She used to eat a lot of ice cream every time she felt upset. As far as she was concerned, eating ice cream could ease any pain in the world, as she could no longer identify whether the coldness was in her heart or in her stomach.

However, right now, she didn't have any desire to eat ice cream.

She squatted down by the street, looking like a beggar. She quietly watched the busy people who were passing by, and her eyes gradually lost focus.

Suddenly, a pair of leather shoes showed up in front of her.

She raised her head slowly. Unfortunately, it wasn't the person she wanted to see. It was another handsome man.

"You silly girl, what are you doing here? I thought I caught the wrong person." Familiar laughter hovered above Cassandra's head.

She met with the man's eyes and suddenly she felt a strong urge to cry her heart out.

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