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   Chapter 690 You Look Great (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-10-29 00:14

The bright sunlight illuminated the glass-walled offices of Rufus's company. When he entered, Rufus was surprised to see Winnie's new look.

"You look good today," he commented.

A thrill raced up Winnie's body at Rufus's compliment. "Thanks," she said shyly.

Previously, Cassandra had wanted to come with Rufus to the company in the morning. However, Rufus disagreed. He suggested her to stay at home and rest, and he promised that he would come pick her up during the noon break.

In the end, Cassandra had no choice but to watch Rufus leave for work. Then she decided to rest and read her baby some books.

"My little baby, can you really understand what I am reading?" Cassandra wondered out. Her hand gently caressed her belly. She had been reading books for quite a while now, so she got a bit bored.

The baby inside her belly didn't respond at all. It seemed that it was taking a nap.

Cassandra rested her face on both hands, and started to imagine how the baby would look like.

Would it look like her more, or like Rufus?

"I wish you can be as smart as your father. He is a little bit smarter than me. But only a little bit smarter," she lowered her head and whispered to her baby.

Even if Cassandra was bored of her reading for now, she was quite good at amusing herself. She could spend hours just talking to her unborn baby.

In the office, Winnie was in a great mood because of Rufus's compliment earlier. She would've sung a song to celebrate if she wasn't at work right now.

On the other hand, Rufus was busy with his work and studying how to use the camera. He didn't have time to take another look at Winnie at all. Besides, he had spent all his spare time thin

ge. As expected, Cassandra could be easily handled with food.

Meanwhile, Winnie still waited for Rufus in their assigned room, even though he told her she could order first.

Her silent waiting was interrupted when the door burst open. However, it was not what she had expected.

The person that Rufus had gone to pick up was not anybody else but Cassandra.

Winnie had thought that this was a date between her and Rufus. But it turned out that she was just a third wheel. She couldn't help but feel upset, no matter how hard she tried to conceal her emotions.

As for Rufus, he didn't pay much attention to how Winnie felt. After he had let Cassandra sit next to him, he coldly said, "I don't think I need to introduce you. You two have already known each other."

His hand reached under the table to gently rub Cassandra's thigh, as he saw her sullen expression. He hoped that she would take the hint and be nice to Winnie.

"Hi, Winnie," Cassandra unwillingly greeted with a slight pout.

Winnie had at least managed to plaster a smile on her face. "Hi Mrs. Luo. It's been a long time since we met. You look great."

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