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   Chapter 689 You Look Great (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6016

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Rufus decided to change tactics—he planned to sneak in the bedroom again once Cassandra was asleep. However, it failed when he found out that she had locked the door.

A helpless sigh came out of him as he stared at the door. 'How did she remember to lock the door?' he thought.

Thus, he had no choice but to return to the guest room. The mattress creaked as he plopped down on the bed. Rufus began to consider what would happen to him if Cassandra kept having those kinds of dreams.

He had to come up with a solution, and fast. Otherwise, he would have to stay in the guest room every night.

However, sleep had overtaken his body already before he could even think of how to deal with the issue.

Now, Rufus didn't usually dream when he slept. However, he unexpectedly had one tonight—perhaps because Cassandra had affected him too much.

The next day brought a slightly jovial spring to Rufus's morning, unlike the miserable Cassandra. His lips stretched into a slight smile. He had finally thought of something to solve Cassandra's concern.

"I reject it!" Cassandra's face twisted into a pout the moment Rufus had raised his suggestion.

Naturally, Rufus was upset. He didn't expect Cassandra to react like that.

"Didn't you have some misunderstanding with Winnie? So why don't you two have a meeting together to get rid of it?" Rufus asked. To him, it was the most logical and practical solution. So he was confused why Cassandra had rejected it.

However, Cassandra didn't answer him and simply she just stared at him instead. When he finally felt uncomfortable by her intense gaze, the little woman started, "What's wrong? Do you really care about her that much? Are you afraid that I will come for her and say something awful to displease her? Is that why you are so desper

o him so that she could feel more comfortable while resting. Then he picked up a book from the table and started to read it.

After reading for a while, Rufus took out his phone and sent a message to Winnie saying that he would like to invite her for lunch tomorrow.

When she got his message, Winnie couldn't believe what she saw. She read the message over and over again and finally she replied, "No problem."

Tonight, Winnie spent hours staring at all her clothes in the closet, trying to find the most beautiful one for tomorrow.

"This one is too plain. No.

This one is out-of-fashion. No.

This one has a very deep neckline. He may think that I'm not a reserved lady. So, no..."

Winnie sighed regretfully after she had gone through all her clothes. "Oh God, I should have bought some new clothes the other day. Now it's already too late to buy any!"

When she thought that she was going to have a date with Rufus tomorrow, Winnie had a better time picking suitable clothes for their lunch. By the time she was done, it was already half past mid-night.

Her face looked contented as she lay on the bed, thinking about what would happen tomorrow during her lunch with Rufus.

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