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   Chapter 688 Don't Break Your Promise (Part Two)

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Looking at Rufus, who had already paid for the clothes, Cassandra drew back the conversation, "I wonder who will take my photos?"

Rufus raised his eyebrows at once. "Of course I will be the one."

Cassandra looked at him, shocked and confused. "Do you even know how to take photos?"

Rufus replied with a cool and confident tone, "I can start to learn it now."

Cassandra was at a loss for words. She couldn't believe his enthusiasm over her little project.

The moment he said he was going to learn how to take photos, he began to browse online and ordered some necessary equipment. The next day, he already started to study the equipment when he was free as if it was a part of his work in the office.

Normally, Winnie would chat with Rufus from time to time in the company. But since he brought those equipment to the company, he had buried himself into learning how to use the cameras once he was done with his work. That gave him a reason not to converse with Winnie.

Rufus, smart as he was, easily obtained the knowledge of how to take photos like a professional photographer.

When he told Cassandra that he was almost well prepared, Cassandra was in a big surprise. She thought Rufus was just joking. Little did she know how determined her husband was to make her happy and feel beautiful. "How could you know all of it within a few days?" she asked. She herself didn't even remember the names of the equipment.

Rufus smiled in a proud look. "Your clothes should be here soon, shouldn't they?"

Cassandra nodded her head and said anxiously, "Yes, they are on the way already. But are you sure you are knowledgeable enough to take photos?"

Rufus waved his hand in a confident way. "You'll find out soon, sweetie."

When they received the clothes, Rufus was surprised to find out that there were some clothes for him that matched Cassandra's look.

There was a male gown which had the ancient style in

started to think of the best place for taking photos.

Thinking for a while now, Cassandra asked Rufus, "Have you thought of any good places yet?"

Rufus smiled. "There's a place with gorgeous scenery that's very fitting on our costume. But it's quite far away from here."

Upon hearing this, Cassandra was disappointed. "Yeah, you are always so busy. How can you spare time to go to places far away with me?"

Rufus touched her nose adoringly. "Are you upset now? Don't be, okay? Now there is a big project for me to take charge, but I promise you that I will take you there once I am done with it. You have my word, sweetie."

Cassandra nodded instantly. "Okay. You can't break your promise."

Rufus smiled. "Trust me. I'll keep my promise. I love you, Cassandra."

After a warm day, Rufus had thought that Cassandra was now less angry with Winnie. However, he was wrong. He was kicked out of the bed again in the middle of the night and had no choice but to sleep in the guest room again.

Cassandra had another bad dream about Rufus. Actually, it was worse this time.

In her dream, Rufus married someone else. And to make things worse, that person was not anybody else but Winnie.

So this time, Cassandra unleashed her anger by throwing one more pillow at Rufus.

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