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   Chapter 687 Don't Break Your Promise (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6781

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After they finished their dinner, Cassandra started to complain to Rufus.

"You know, last time when I was about to go to Melbourne to find Greyson, I asked Winnie to send you a message. But it turned out that she didn't even tell you. So I waited for you at the airport for hours for nothing!"

Cassandra concluded, "Anyway, I just don't like her! I don't trust her motives. And I hate the fact that there are rumors about you and her!"

Rufus rubbed his forehead helplessly. "What happened last time was forgivable. you don't like her just because of that?"

Cassandra pouted her mouth, puzzled. "What do you mean? Do you feel any sympathy for her because of it?"

Rufus was even more speechless hearing this. He can't believe they were even discussing about it. 'Does every pregnant woman have such an abnormal way of thinking?'

Seeing Rufus lost in his thoughts, Cassandra realized that she was right about him. Her suspicions only grew. She then got even more pissed off. "I knew it! You two are having an affair. And I am just your burden, a burden which you're trying to get rid of!"

Rufus took a deep breath out of frustration. 'It would be a total waste for Cassandra to not be an actress. She could definitely have an Oscar.'

"Sweetie," Rufus coaxed in a gentle voice, "the doctor said that getting angry is not good for the baby. So please don't overthink it. It's simply not true."

Looking at Cassandra's melancholic face, Rufus felt a little upset as well. "Trust me Cassandra. You are the only one I love. I will never fall in love with someone else except for you," he added.

"I hardly go anywhere else except for home and the company, do I? And I always check up on you whenever we're apart, right?"

Cassandra squinted her eyes and responded indifferently, "Hard to say that. How can I know whether you have been to other places or not? You can easily find a way with the technology."

Rufus was almost driven crazy by the little woman. She was impossible to reason with at th

was starting to feel uncomfortable to have her around.

And for the rest of the day, Rufus didn't speak with Winnie except for business related stuff. It was as if they hadn't known each other before.

On the other hand, Winnie was confused about his unusual behavior towards her. How big was his problem towards her?

Rufus didn't chat with Winnie, not even once, until they went off separately.

When he came back home after a long, weird day at the office, he saw Cassandra shopping online.

Rufus leaned on her shoulder and asked, "Hi, sweetie. What are you looking at?"

Pointing at a traditional Hanfu on the screen, Cassandra asked with a smile, "Just shopping. What do you think about this?"

Noticing that Cassandra was in a good mood and wasn't angry with him anymore, Rufus was pleased and answered happily, "Wow that's beautiful. What are you up to?"

Pondering for a while, Cassandra said, "Rufus, I want to have some photos with me wearing these." She recalled seeing a set of Hanfu portrait photos on a blog, and she thought it was amazing and would suit her as well.

Rufus nodded his head. He laid his eyes on a red colored sheer top and immediately got attracted. "Cassandra, I like it. You should buy the whole suit." He then took over Cassandra's phone and started to order. "Oh. These would look good on you too."

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