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   Chapter 685 I Dreamt That You Married Another Lady (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5853

Updated: 2019-10-28 00:14

Cassandra frowned as she heard Rufus's complaint. Without thinking twice, she kicked him out of the bed.

"You! Stay away from me," Cassandra yelled at Rufus, enraged.

Rufus stared at her, dumbfounded. "What the hell is wrong with you?" he asked. "Why are you suddenly mad at me?"

Cassandra got off the bed and stood up in a defensive sort of way. "I dreamt that you married another lady!"

Rufus stared at her, speechless. "Are you seriously angry with me because of a dream that you had?"

Cassandra widened her eyes and refused to reason with him.

"Well, you made me cry in my dream. Isn't it your fault? Anyway, I don't want to see your face!" she said and threw a pillow at Rufus.

In the middle of the night, Rufus was left with no choice but to sleep in the guest room. He found it unbelievable that Cassandra would react this way due to her own nightmare.

He felt helpless and had no energy to make her understand anything. It was so hard to understand a woman's thoughts.

After he left the room, Cassandra wrapped herself in a quilt, breathing heavily. She was still very furious. 'How can he be so annoying! He didn't even try to stay back and coax me!' Recalling the horrible things he had done in the dream, she found herself disgusted by him. It seemed like she could never forgive him for something that he wasn't even a part of.

Cassandra punched the bed hard, releasing her anger. She kept punching it for a while, finally got exhausted and fell asleep. Fortunately, she didn't have any nightmares this time.

When she finally woke up in the morning, Cassandra was shocked.

She remembered kicking Rufus out of the room at night. But here he was, lying right next to her.

Not just that, he also seemed to b

muring to myself."

Cassandra lost her patience. "Tell me the truth, Stella!" she demanded.

Stella got scared and decided to surrender. "I just saw a news article about Rufus. It says he spent the night with some beautiful woman last night. It also says he bought a bracelet worth a few hundred thousand for her..."

Stella skimmed through it again, then let out a hollow laugh. "It has to be some nonsense. Wasn't Rufus with you yesterday?"

Cassandra's face got even more darkened as she said the next words, "He came back really late yesterday!"

Stella was at a loss for words. She was frightened and nervous, sensing she might have triggered a serious fight accidentally. Thinking about this guiltily, she wished Victor was there to comfort her.

"Cassandra, don't jump to conclusions. There must be some misunderstanding. Please don't be mad. Just talk to Rufus before you trust the news," Stella tried to convince Cassandra and make her take the reasonable action.

Cassandra gritted her teeth. "I realize what a fantastic life he's been living since the last two days. I need to punish him now, so he can recall who's the boss in this family!"

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