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   Chapter 684 How Can I Help You (Part Two)

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"No problem," Rufus replied flatly.

Then he turned around and walked away without saying anything else.

Gazing at his back as he walked away, Winnie clenched her fists tightly until her knuckles went white. After a while, she gradually released her grip.

When she went back to the living room, her friends were still enjoying themselves and having a good time.

"Winnie, are you really in love with Mr. Luo?"

"He looks great, but he seems a bit hard to bait."

As her friends teased her, Winnie merely smiled back without explaining anything.

"Oh hey, I thought Mr. Luo got you a present. Quick! Let's take a look!" Someone remembered Rufus's present and everyone else suddenly became interested as well.

Winnie smiled helplessly and answered, "All right. I'll bring it here."

Layer by layer, she unwrapped the gift package. Hidden in the package was a tiny box. When she opened the box, everyone's eyes lit up.

One of them recognized the piece of jewelry as soon as she laid eyes on it. "Wow! He must be filthy rich! I've seen this bracelet before. It's worth more than half a million!"

Winnie's friends gasped in unison, their eyes brimming with envy which greatly satiated her vanity.

If she wanted, she could buy herself an expensive bracelet like that. She wasn't short of money, but what she needed was the envy of other people.

"Mr. Luo seems a bit cold to everyone, but you seem to be special to him. Could it be that he has fallen for you too?"

"Right! Why else would he come to your birthday party and give you such an expensive gift? Winnie, you should grab this opportunity and seize him!"

Winnie stared at the bracelet, lips curling into a smile. "All right. Stop joking now. Go ahead and play the games."

When the

aby in her arms, desperately searching for Rufus. People passed her by, as she cried hopelessly, but no one stopped to offer her help.

They looked at her as if they were looking at a lunatic.

Tears streamed down her face without pause. Finally, someone showed her some kindness and told her that Rufus was getting married in the church.

She ran towards the church, her bare feet struggling on the cold ground. The breathing of the baby turned weaker by the second.

When she stepped inside the church, she saw Rufus and the bride exchanging wedding rings. Cassandra tried to scream, but she was shocked to find that she had lost her voice.

At last, when Rufus lowered his head to kiss the bride, she finally mustered all her strength and screamed out successfully.


Suddenly, she opened her eyes and was startled by the handsome face staring at her.

"Ahh! What are you doing Rufus?" Cassandra asked.

Rufus answered, "Were you having a nightmare? Shortly after you fell asleep, you started to cry. I was awakened by your mumbling. I tried to pat your back to soothe you but you just wouldn't stop crying. Suddenly, you just screamed and woke up."

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