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   Chapter 683 How Can I Help You (Part One)

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When Winnie passed Rufus the glass of wine, he raised his hand to refuse and said, "I can't drink. I'll have to drive home."

Winnie's face immediately displayed an expression of disappointment. After all, she brought out the expensive wine specifically for Rufus.

One of her friends noticed Winnie's disappointed and said, "Mr. Luo, today is Winnie's birthday. Just have a drink to celebrate that. You can call someone to drive you home later on."

Rufus looked at the glass of wine, and then Winnie's anticipant eyes.

He sighed with exasperation and then stretched his hand out to grab the glass. Raising his glass up, he wished Winnie a happy birthday, and then gulped down almost half of its contents in one swig.

Once he finished the remainder of his wine, the atmosphere at the party started to feel loose and vibrant. Everyone started drinking, and it became easier to chat with each other.

Holding her glass up, Winnie stood up and announced, "I've really learnt a lot from working with my boss. Thank you, Mr. Luo. Cheers!" Just as she finished making the toast, Winnie gulped down whatever was left in her glass.

Rufus gazed at her and said, "You're a capable person. Even if you didn't work for me, I'm sure you'd be able to perform well in other companies."

The following conversations between Rufus and Winnie flowed smoothly and she was glad to finally see that he wasn't as stiff as he was earlier.

After dinner, she politely asked all the guests to move to the living room.

Winnie was the last to leave the dining room. She had arranged for a housekeeper to help her clean the mess at a later time so she wouldn't have to bother with tidying up while the guests were still there.

"Winnie, wanna join us?" a young man asked Winnie, holding up a set of cards.

Winnie wink

s. He took the plate, but didn't eat the cake.

Such a big cake wasn't meant solely for eating. After everyone ate a piece, they started to play around with the rest of the cake, painting everyone else's face with cake and cream.

Rufus's cold, unwelcoming aura served as his protective layer that kept everyone from doing such a thing to him.

As the focus of the crowd, Winnie could not have escaped the fate of being smothered in cake. But when the others approached her with a piece of cake, she hid behind Rufus, hiding her face against his back.

"Sir, help me!" Winnie pleaded. "Luckily I have you to shield me. They won't dare to come near me now."

Rufus, however, didn't seem to enjoy the little game at all. Wearing an emotionless expression, he said, "It's getting late. I should leave."

Winnie quickly said, "Let me find someone to drive you home."

Rufus shook his head and replied, "It's okay. My driver has already arrived. He will drive me home."

Since Rufus had already made plans, Winnie had no choice but to let him go, despite her reluctance.

After leading Rufus to the door, Winnie tidied her messy hair and said, "Thank you so much for coming to celebrate with me."

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