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   Chapter 680 Antenatal Training (Part One)

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The relationship between Cassandra and Rufus had been restored finally, at least on the surface. Cassandra pondered over the issue concerning Harry and decided to tell him that she couldn't visit him anymore due to health issues.

Harry's voice seemed normal over the phone. Before their conversation ended, he even asked Cassandra if she would like to join him for a meal a few days later.

Cassandra already felt guilty for not visiting her injured friend. When he made the invitation, she instantly accepted so as to make it up to him.

"Rufus," Cassandra said, putting her phone down, grinning at him. "Problem solved."

Rufus, however, didn't express any displeasure as he didn't want Cassandra to get stressed out because of him again. In a calm tone, he answered, "All right, darling."

Cassandra buried her head into his chest to feel the warmth she hadn't felt for days. "Can you get back earlier from work every day? I feel bored staying at home all by myself."

Rufus wrapped the little woman in his embrace and said, "Okay. From now on, I'll come back as soon as I can."

While Cassandra and Rufus happily enjoyed the affectionate company of each other, Harry was experiencing the exact opposite in his private ward at the hospital.

Standing over shards of broken glass, the handsome man wore a solemn, yet inexplicable cold expression.

Frightened, the butler warily urged, "Young Master, please don't be angry. It's not good for your health."

Harry, however, in complete disregard of what the butler just said, sneered contemptuously, "Rufus, could it be because of you?"

He deliberately feigned misery and despair so that he could take advantage of Cassandra's kindness and sympathy. In the end, Rufus still managed to convince Cassandra not to visit him anymore.

"Did yo

s information.

"Everyone is enthusiastic of government-related projects. We don't have to rush things. There hasn't been any official announcements either."

Winnie nodded. "By the way, is the charity dinner party sort of the pre-stage of the bidding event?"

Rufus thought for a second. "No matter what it means, we don't have to hurry."

Winnie understood that Rufus would have had good reasons to come to that conclusion, so she stopped furthering the topic. She chatted with Rufus for a little while longer about various things outside of work.

Although they merely spoke to each other for a few minutes, Rufus was seen as being exceptionally kind to Winnie.

Normally, Rufus wouldn't even bother talking to other women. Even when he did, he'd usually put on a cold face. Cassandra was the only person he would talk to non-stop in his most gentle manner.

Winnie had done her research and learned about Rufus's attitude towards other women. Hence, she actually felt quite satisfied with the way Rufus treated her.

However, this wasn't her end goal. Winnie desired a lot more than that.

Gazing at Rufus, who was skimming through some files, Winnie couldn't help smiling to herself.

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