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   Chapter 679 Shut Up Now (Part Two)

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'Without trust, a couple could easily break apart, ' Cassandra thought dolefully.

With all the sudden outburst of emotions, Cassandra's vision started to become blurry.

She couldn't see well now, but the fury on Rufus's face quickly turned into shock.

A second later, everything became black, and Cassandra collapsed to the ground.


The night was peaceful and everybody was sound asleep, except for Rufus, who was in a hurry to rush Cassandra to the hospital.

"Rufus, what happened between you and Cassandra?" Naturally, Edith was shocked as well at Cassandra's sudden fainting spiel. The little woman had not yet regained her consciousness even after being sent to the hospital.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't take good care of her," Rufus apologized and rubbed his temples.

Luckily, the doctor said that Cassandra was generally fine. Her collapse might've been caused by too much pressure, so the important thing was to keep her in a light mood.

In addition, the doctor just reminded Rufus and Edith that the patient needed a lot of rest. They should be taking better care of the patient's mental health and shouldn't give the patient too much stress.

When the doctor got out of the room, Rufus mentally blamed himself for everything.

'It's not important that I get jealous! Cassandra's health is way more important than my emotions! I can't allow her to get sick again!' he thought determinedly.

After Rufus profusely apologized to Edith again, she nagged at him for some time, then stopped scolding him when she was satisfied.

"Mom, you can go rest now. I'll stay here with Cassandra."

Indeed, Edith already felt sleepy. There was a room next door for patients' families. Cassandra slept on the patient's

nd felt that her belly was now more bulging. Perhaps it was because she believed that the baby must have grown.

"Rufus, let's go home now," she said with a smile. Her husband nodded, his eyes full of tenderness.


The door opened to reveal Edith, who came to check on Cassandra after she woke up. After seeing that her daughter was much better, she felt relieved as if a heavy weight had been lifted from her mind.

Rufus didn't want Cassandra to continue staying in the hospital, hence he got ready and took his family home after.

Once they were back home, Edith got busy with preparing food for Cassandra. It seemed that she wouldn't feel as reassured of Cassandra's health unless the girl was fed until she was plump.

Cassandra didn't know whether she should smile or cry. "Rufus, you've got to help me."

Rufus cast a look at Edith, who was busy cooking in the kitchen. Then he mischievously whispered in Cassandra's ear, "No problem, but I won't do it for free. By the way, the only payment I accept is your body."

A fiery blush colored Casandra's cheeks all the way to her neck. "Shut up now! I don't want to talk to you anymore!"

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