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   Chapter 678 Shut Up Now (Part One)

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The atmosphere was unmistakably somber. Edith wasn't doing her usual activities. It didn't take long for Cassandra to realize that her mother was a bit upset.

"Mom, why did you stop tuning in to your favorite TV show all of a sudden? I even thought that you liked it so much to the point that you even cried because of it a few days ago," Cassandra exclaimed. She hoped to change the subject, and thankfully it worked.

"The show ended yesterday. I don't have any new TV series to follow right now," Edith answered.

Meanwhile, Cassandra carefully studied Edith's expression. Her mother's afternoons usually consisted of going out and spending time with people in the neighborhood. However, there wasn't any sign of her going out today. 'Could it be...that she had a fight with one of the neighbors?' Cassandra speculated.

Her suspicions were soon confirmed when Edith started to rant to Cassandra about some arguments she had with other people.

After hearing her mother's story, Cassandra actually wanted to laugh—everything her mother whined about was petty and unimportant.

But it was quite understandable. Edith usually socialized with other old neighbors whose children weren't around. They had nothing much to do during the day, so what better way to kill the time? Quarreling over small things was definitely one way to keep them busy.

Moments later, Cassandra joined Edith's rants and even started to give her some advice on how to win the battle. "Mom, it's no big deal winning the quarrel. The difficult thing is to make them admire you."

Now, Edith thought that was intriguing. "How do I make them admire me, then?" she asked curiously.

Cassandra grinned. "Mom, what are you good at?"

"Cooking," Edith instantly answered.

"That's right. If

, you're visiting him. Doesn't he even have the money to hire a nurse to take care of him? If he really can't pay for that, tell me. I'll be more than willing to pay," Rufus jeered.

Suddenly, Rufus's heart softened when he saw Cassandra's reddened eyes, but once Harry's name came to his mind, his anger was soon stimulated again.

"Rufus! What on earth do you want to do?" Now, Cassandra was equally angry, but she managed to keep her voice low so as not to disturb Edith.

Rufus's sharp eyes bore into her own. "What do I want to do? My wife stays with another man for hours in private every day. And you ask me what I want to do?" he questioned angrily.

In turn, Cassandra, sitting on the edge of the bed, gripped the sheets so tight in an attempt to contain her tears.

However, Rufus continued to press her and questioned, "Cassandra, tell me. Are you planning to go there every day still? Will you stay close to him again?"

"Rufus, you don't trust me, do you?" Cassandra said in a trembling voice.

There was no response from Rufus, but Cassandra already knew the answer. It was clear that Rufus still didn't believe that there was nothing between her and Harry.

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