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   Chapter 677 The Mistress

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"Why don't you eat some as well?" Harry hinted at the desserts and fruits on the table. "Stuff your mouth full so I don't have to hear your babble anymore."

Cassandra had a few spoons of the dessert and asked, "Didn't you find yourself a girlfriend during all these years?"

The smile on Harry's face faded. With a strange expression, he muttered a low "No."

Cassandra asked the question casually. She just thought Harry might already have a girlfriend. He had such a handsome face and was from a rather wealthy family.

'Is he kidding? How can he not have a girlfriend?' she wondered.

Suddenly, the answer came to her. With a theory in her mind, she stuttered, "Could...could it be that..."

Harry felt a weird mix of anxiety and excitement at the same time. 'Has she suddenly figured it out?' he thought, looking at her face with anticipation.

The joy on Harry's face didn't go unnoticed.

"Are you...a homosexual?"

Harry had already assumed what Cassandra was going to say was what he was expecting, so he already answered with a quick "Yes" before she even finished asking the question. But then he heard her, and his face turned dark with disbelief.

Cassandra almost jumped with excitement. "Oh my god! You'd be my first ever gay friend!" she exclaimed.

With a curious expression on her face, she asked, "How may boyfriends have you had?"

Harry took a deep breath, telling himself in his head, 'This girl belongs to me. Even if she isn't mine right now, she will be mine sooner or later. It's sad I can't punch her right now because she's my future wife.'

He suppressed the impulse to beat the clueless girl up and replied as calmly as he could, "Stop it! Stop joking around, or I'll punch you!"

Amused by his response, Cassandra burst into laughter. "Harry, are you shy? Tell me where your boyfriend is right now! Quickly! I want to see him!"

Harry really wanted to give her a lesson. He struggled to lift up his plastered hand to hit Cassandra's head.

Worried that he'd hurt himself, she stopped joking with him. She covered her mouth to hide her laughter, but her eyes remained filled with joy.

"Alright, alright. I won't laugh at you now," she said, gaining some composure.

In his heart, Harry complained, 'What use is saying that when you've already laughed at me?'

The two of them then chattered about some other things for a while. After a while, silence fell upon the room. Breaking it, Cassandra asked, "But seriously, do you really want to hide your boyfriend?"

Gritting his teeth, Harry answered, "Cassandra, I will literally throw you out if you mention this again."

Cassandra instantly covered her mouth. "Alas. You're such a petty man."

Before long, she brought up this topic again, saying, "If you don't have a boyfriend, I can help you find one."

Cassandra sensed that Harry could explode in fury at any second now. Immediately, she sat up and turned solemn. "I heard that it's going to rain tomorrow. Will your wound hurt more on rainy days?"

Harry was rendered speechless. 'How can she switch the topic so abruptly?' he thought.

Cassandra spent a few hours with Harry in the patient's room and finally headed back.

When she left, Harry got off the bed and stood by the window, looking completely healthy. He had a far-off expression, like

t arrogant because of it, alright?"

Greyson made a promise to keep working hard without getting arrogant.

They chatted over some other things for a long time. Winnie actually needed to get some documents signed but she was afraid to interrupt Rufus.

"Alright. I'll visit you soon." Rufus beamed and said goodbye to him.

Winnie could hear the conversation only vaguely, so she couldn't really make out who he was talking to. But one thing she was certain of⁠—the smile on Rufus's face. It was truly joyful. She had rarely seen him smiling so wholeheartedly.

After he hung up, Winnie didn't ask him who was that on the line, even though she was very curious to find out.

She knew how particular Rufus was about workplace discipline. Bringing the personal elements into work was something that he didn't deem acceptable. Winnie had already talked about her birthday today, which sort of broke the rule. She was afraid he might get angry if she asked him who he had been talking to.

Rufus felt much more relieved after talking to Greyson.

Shortly after, he started to think about the baby in Cassandra's womb. 'Both of us look quite good. No matter who the baby resembles, it'll look fine...

But what about its personality? Quiet or noisy? Mature or naughty?' Rufus thought to himself, daydreaming of the day he would finally hold his baby in his arms.

He imagined his baby babbling, and learning to speak. The imagination filled him with immense joy.

He couldn't concentrate on his work anymore. He decided it was best not to even try and allowed his mind to drift aimlessly. 'I can allow myself some liberty at times...' he thought.

Having noticed her boss didn't want to work today, Winnie decided to give up reminding him, afraid that it would only annoy him.

"Cassandra, you go out every afternoon. Where do you go?" Edith seemed to be displeased with Cassandra's strange schedule. She believed it was best for her daughter to stay home and rest during her pregnancy.

Cassandra grinned at her mother. "I just go out with my friends every day to take a walk."

Edith didn't buy her explanation. "Can't you just stay home? They can come here to meet you. Do you have to go out?"

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