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   Chapter 676 Wild Girl (Part Two)

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"Girl, don't you even have an idea how to properly take care of a disabled person? Why don't you peel an apple for me or something? Your silliness never ceases to amaze me."

His sarcastic remarks didn't really bother Cassandra. As a matter of fact, it even made her feel a sense of relief that her old friend was in front of her again. "Yeah, that's only because I am around you."

When they were done with their exchange of playful sneering, the two of them seemed somewhat contented, as though they both had won the argument.

"Go ask my driver to accompany you home," Harry suggested.

Shaking her head, Cassandra refused and said, "I don't want to be a bother. I'll just hail a cab myself. It's not that long of a ride home anyway."

Having heard that, Harry disagreed, of course. "What are you saying? Did you just say the word 'bother'? Since when did you start being uncomfortable bothering me?"

Cassandra couldn't help herself from rolling her eyes to the smug look on his face. "I don't intend to fight with an injured person. If you weren't in that position, I'll definitely punch you until you're no longer capable of getting off of your bed!"

After telling him that, she even sprung up from her seat to poke fun at Harry. "Hey Mr. Lame Man, stand up and fight me if you can!"

And finally, to mark her victory over the fight, she even pulled a face as she stared at him.

Harry simply smiled at the adorable actions of the woman in front of him and retorted, "Alright. That's enough. It's already getting late. Just let the driver send you home. You should be on your way."

This time, Cassandra didn't bother arguing with him. After promising him that she would be dropping by tomorrow as well, she proceeded to step out of the room, feeling quite satisfied.

By the time she got back home, she was a bit surprised to find out that Rufus wasn't there.

When she asked her mother about it, Edith told her that Rufus came back to pick something up but immediately went out again after that.

Cassandra decided to try calling him. The second time she rang his number, Rufus picked up his phone.

"I just got home...

omething seemed to be bothering Cassandra, Harry became a bit curious. "Go ahead, tell your dear friend. Who's making you feel so sad? Let me help you get back at whoever it was."

Raising her hand as though she was gonna punch him, Cassandra warned him, "If you dare to utter something like that one more time, I'm going to sell you as a male prostitute!"

After saying that, the two of them both broke into a fit of laughter.

Back when the two of them were still in school, they brought up the topic of what it was that they wanted to do in the future.

At that point in time, Cassandra thought up a wild idea. "You can be a male prostitute. Since you were blessed with such a handsome face, you'd certainly bring in a lot of customers. I can prepare healthy meals for you to keep you in good shape."

Worried that Harry might not have realized where she was coming from, she went on and added, "Don't you worry. I will prepare those hearty meals so you could keep your healthy sex drive and produce sperm in a sustainable way."

As expected, this led to another minor argument between the two of them, just like those other arguments they'd had in the past.

Everybody else in their class was under the assumption that Cassandra was a simple and silent type of girl, like a stereotypical model student. However, among all of them, Harry was the only person who knew just how wild Cassandra could be if she wanted to.

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