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   Chapter 675 Wild Girl (Part One)

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"Rufus, I really have to go now." Lowering her gaze, Cassandra didn't want to look Rufus in the eyes. She was well aware that he must be feeling so disappointed.

Sure enough, Rufus was a bit distressed. Pausing for a moment, he said, with a vacant look on his face, "Alright."

Looking at the bags of food which they had just brought, Cassandra pursed her lips, seeming as though she had been caught in a difficult situation.

Ultimately, she still made the decision to go.

As Cassandra's figure gradually disappeared into the distance, a trace of intense emotions could be seen through Rufus's eyes. He opened his mouth, but there was nothing he could say in the end.

Cassandra called a cab. Moments later, she arrived at the address Harry had instructed her to go to.

When the taxi pulled over, she noticed that it was a personal rehabilitation hospital which was rather well-furnished. On top of that, the place even had a man by the gate guarding the facility.

Waiting in front the gate, Cassandra wasn't planning to move whatsoever. In any case, the guard saw something unusual about this guest so he walked over to ask her.

Cassandra promptly told him that she was a friend of Harry's, however, the guard couldn't take her word for it and he asked for some kind of evidence to prove it.

'Evidence?' Cassandra stopped for a second to think about it. Then, she proceeded to dial Harry's number.

When the guard heard Harry's voice over the phone, the tone of his voice and the look on his face softened instantly. Now, he wasn't stopping Cassandra from getting in anymore and he was showing her the way instead.

Upon stepping into the room Harry was in, she was utterly dumbfounded after seeing his limbs all wrapped up in bandages.

"Harry, are you okay? What happened to you?" Cassandra asked as she quickly walked over to his bed, looking so worried.

Smiling at Cassandra, Harry answered in a rather calm voice, "It's just a minor injury. It's not that big of a deal."

Staring at the man lying on the bed, Cassandra remarked, "What do you mean 'minor injury'? You're not even capable of standing up on your own!" Sitting by a chair next to his bed, she went ahead and asked, "How

his ability to pull it all off.

"You silly girl, is it okay for you to come and check up on me every single day?" Harry asked as he beamed her a smile.

To this, Cassandra raised her head.

As his eyebrows shot up, he remarked, "You yourself have seen the hospital already. I'm the sole patient they're looking after in this entire building. If I carry on being here all by myself, I might even develop some type of depression."

"Okay. In any case, it's not like I have much to do at home. I can drop by to pay you a visit later during the afternoon," Cassandra replied.

The smile on his face became even wider after he heard her response.

"Please come here by yourself, just like what you've done today," Harry flatly insisted.

Pausing for a second, he thought about it and added, "I just don't think it would be a good idea for other people to know about this place. As you may well know, a lot of bad guys are out there hoping to put an end to me."

Glancing over at the bandages wrapped around his limbs, her heart began pounding heavily. Then, she nodded her head and answered, "You can rest assured. I promise not to tell anyone about this place."

It was apparent that his face was warming up to Cassandra, but there seemed to be an ulterior motive lying deep within it. 'Cassandra is just as naive as she was back then, believing whatever it is that I tell her. God, she's so adorable, so much so that she just caught my heart, ' Harry pondered.

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