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   Chapter 674 An Answer (Part Two)

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Rufus looked at the balloon, then at her, and explained seriously, "A kite can fly in the sky, and so can a balloon. They have a similar nature. So it's not exactly wrong of me to buy a balloon."

Cassandra took a deep breath. All of a sudden, her anger seemed to float away from her face. She really admired her husband's eloquence and calmness!

In other words, he had no sense of shame.

"Let me tell you one more time... I want to fly a kite!" Cassandra shouted loudly.

With the balloon in his hand and a smile on his face, Rufus sat down on the mat. He then stretched his other hand in front of her.

Immediately, she stopped complaining.

"Glutinous rice cake! It smells so nice!" Cassandra exclaimed, taking it over. In a contented voice, she said, "I haven't eaten this for such a long time. I missed it so much!"

A while later, she offered some to Rufus. "You must be hungry too. Here you go..." she said.

Cassandra seemed to want to share the delicacy with Rufus, but he wasn't very interested. With a smile, he said, "You can eat it all. If you want more, I can go get some more for you."

With her mouth stuffed, Cassandra responded, "I don't want more, and I don't want to waste food either. That's why I want you to eat it."

The corners of Rufus's mouth twitched. He didn't like the truth.

"If you don't want to eat, then forget it," Cassandra said. She put the rest of the cake into the food container, then stood up.

"You enjoy the sunlight here. I'm going to look for more delicacies," she said with a smile on her face while dusting her clothes.

Frowning, Rufus said, "Don't eat just anything. Some things could be bad for your health."

Cassandra didn't take his warning seriously. "I won't listen to you. I h

eed to go and check what's wrong." She looked worried.

Frowning, Rufus said, "I will go with you."

Cassandra pursed her lips into a straight line, remembering what Harry had told her on the phone. Obviously, he meant he didn't want to see Rufus.

Seeing that she hesitated, Rufus's face turned gloomy. "What's wrong? He doesn't want me to accompany you?" he asked for confirmation.

Cassandra felt like she was stuck in a dilemma. "I... I can go there by myself. Don't worry. I will come back very soon."

Seeing Cassandra's tightly pursed lips, and that she didn't even dare to look him in the eye, Rufus became suspicious.

'Will she do everything Harry Ji tells her to?' he wondered.

Cassandra waited for Rufus's response for quite a while, but he just kept silent. Hesitantly, she asked, "Rufus, I... am going right now?"

Rufus's eyes looked overcast. "Can you not go?" he asked.

As far as he could remember, he had asked her not to go when Cassandra and Harry made an appointment for lunch last time.

Cassandra had given him a negative answer that time. And her expression now was enough to tell him what her answer was going to be this time.

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