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   Chapter 673 An Answer (Part One)

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Once he could no longer bear to listen to Cassandra, Rufus pressed her against the bed and started kissing her.

Instead of kissing her tenderly, like he had done before, he forced her mouth open and pushed his tongue into her mouth aggressively.

It wasn't until the kiss ended that he felt a little lighter, feeling his depression drain away.

When he heard what had happened between Cassandra and Harry in the past, he wished to kill that man!

It was because he realized Harry had once been an important man in her life. She had undergone a lot of things with that man.

Rufus couldn't help but envy Harry. But somehow, he could not hate him. He only regretted not having met Cassandra earlier.

"Rufus...What's wrong with you?" Cassandra asked in a low voice, gasping for air.

Rufus buried his face in her neck, kissing her gently. His warm breaths gave her goose-bumps.

"I am vexed that I didn't meet you earlier," Rufus answered in a muffled voice.

He was jealous of Harry for having been so close to her at a very young age.

Cassandra's heart welled up with warmth. Her voice became soft.

"Never mind all that. Finally, we have met, and I feel so lucky about that!" Cassandra said, and planted a kiss on his cheek gently.

Rufus raised his head and kissed her hair.

The accident that had happened at the anniversary party was now completely settled. The girl couldn't participate in the dance contest she had been anxiously longing for. However, as a result of Rufus's efforts, the organizer of the contest was already planning for a new contest to take place the next year.

That somewhat satisfied the parents of the girl as well. They stopped behaving in the uncompromising way like be

. There was nowhere else she would rather be.

Rufus sat by her side. He unpacked the basket next to him, and took the food and water out from it.

Cassandra was hungry. As soon as Rufus put the food on the mat, she began to eat.

"Rufus, I want to fly a kite," Cassandra said with a smile at the corners of her lips, gazing at the children running at a distance.

Rufus stroked her forehead with his hand, smiling sheepishly. "Cassandra, those are children. You can't copy them. They aren't pregnant!"

Curling her lips, Cassandra said, "Buy me a kite, please. I really want to fly it."

Since it was the weekend, many people had come to enjoy the scenery and just chill out. A few vendors stood at some distance, selling food and other things.

Seeing Cassandra insisting, Rufus could do nothing but go toward the vendors.

"Rufus!" When he came back, he heard Cassandra's angry rebuke, just like he had expected to. "Are you freaking blind, Rufus?"

she pointed her finger at the balloon he was carrying, gritted her teeth and asked. "Or do you think I am blind? Why did you buy this stupid balloon? Think you can fool me, huh?"

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