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   Chapter 672 He Was Handsome (Part Two)

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Promptly shaking his head, the public relations manager answered, "Of course, I can. It's just that the matter is regarding Mrs. Luo, so I thought I should let you know."

To that, Rufus simply replied, "If you can't work this out properly, then you'd better hand in your resignation letter."

As Rufus said those things, his voice was alarmingly calm. But the manager was well aware that if he failed to settle this issue correctly, he, along with his entire department would truly have to resign or be laid off!

"Yes, sir. I'll take care of this right away." After excusing himself, the public relations manager went back to work immediately.

He knew that he had no time to waste and that he had to solve it as soon as he possibly could.

In Rufus's company, efficiency was the top priority.

Any person assuming a managerial position in his company was particularly dynamic and formidable; it should go without saying that the public relations manager was no exception.

'Well, it's apparent that this person knew exactly what had happened in the TY Group including the anniversary party. He was even aware of the details regarding the preparation of the event. So, he probably belongs to the TY Group, ' Rufus thought.

'It looks like this company is far more complicated than what I have been making it out to be.

Someone even had the nerve to bring harm to Cassandra right under my nose! That's completely unacceptable!

But no matter what sort of evidence I reveal to the public, they will just insist that I have it all fabricated so I could cover up for Cassandra.

It looks like there's nothing I can do to change the views of those self-centered netizens. They're only going believe in what they wish to believe. They're under the assumption that the wealthy people naturally are corrupt and are capable of doing wrongful deeds.'

Scoffing at the stupid public who kept on posting disparaging comments about him and Cassandra, Rufus gave out an order to someone to find the person who had started all of the rumors.

Quite interestingly, one of the netizens who had been acc

g to anyone.

One day, at around 12 noon, while most of our other classmates were enjoying nap time, Harry just randomly handed me half of the watermelon." As she told him about the past and reminisced about it, a smile crept onto Cassandra's face. "During that time, he was a popular boy in our class. When he gave that to me, I took it right away without any hesitation.

Maybe he was just too handsome that I became attracted to him!"

Rufus's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "He was too handsome?"

Cassandra looked a bit guilt-ridden. "He was so handsome that I didn't have the heart to turn him down."

The second Rufus heard that, the expression on his face became gloomy.

The story was just about to begin. And she had barely even scratched the surface of the topic.

But it seemed rather apparent that before she could even finish telling him all about it, he would already be much too upset.

Cassandra didn't catch the sudden shift in Rufus's expression, therefore she just simply went ahead and told him what happened in the past. "So, I ate the watermelon. And to pay him back for his kind gesture, I gave him something in return. After that, he started giving me some other gifts. And that was how all of it started.

After a while, we got the chance to know more about each other. And it was only at that point that I realized how much of a master of mockery he really was."

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