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   Chapter 671 He Was Handsome (Part One)

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The moment Rufus heard Cassandra say that, his body became rigid all of a sudden. After a while, he managed to calm himself down.

"Why do you suddenly want to go to the company?" Rufus asked, managing to pull off a smile on his face.

Curling her lips upward, Cassandra said, "I wanna see how you're going to sort things out."

Tousling up her hair, Rufus told her, "The company is in a bit of a mess at the moment. Please just stay at home for now, okay? I'm sorry, but I really don't have time to look after you."

Looking so disappointed, Cassandra exclaimed, "I can fend for myself."

Feeling a bit frustrated, Rufus insisted, "Please listen to what I'm saying. Just stay here for now."

Considering that she was a bit sensitive to these kinds of things, Cassandra could tell right away that something seemed amiss.

"Tell me the truth, you still haven't found a single clue, have you?" She stared right into his worried eyes. "Everyone is blaming me for that, right?"

Rufus was so desperate to change the topic, but Cassandra was a bit too insistent that he couldn't think of a way to prevent her from getting to the bottom of it.

"Cassandra, please just trust me on this. I'll deal with it." At the moment, that was the only thing Rufus could manage to say to her.

With a resolute look in her eyes, Cassandra had a multitude of thoughts running in circles in her mind. For a second there she couldn't stop herself from feeling so useless. Rufus was being burdened with all of her problems yet there wasn't really anything she could do to help him.

Around lunch time, Edith only had a few quick bites and headed out right away to join her dance sessions along with the other neighbors. Cassandra and Rufus sat there in silence and ate the meals served before them without uttering a single word.

It was obvious that Cassandra didn't have the appetite to eat anything. She had barely even taken a couple of bites before putting down her chopsticks.

With a look of concern on his face, Rufus placed his chopstick down on the table and grabbed hers to encourage her to eat some more.


the weather being so nice to Rufus, the public relations manager knocked on the door to the office.

With a grim look on his face, he informed Rufus, "Sir, we have a problem."

In this era where information was readily available to everyone, there were times where it could be hard to fathom just how powerful the public opinion could be.

"The President Of TY Group Frames His Employee To Protect His Wife!" The striking headline seemed to have swiped its claws against Rufus, screaming right into his ears like a fearsome creature.

The look on his face became gloomy in an instant. After seeing the news, he got the urge to smash the table.

To be fair, it was a carefully crafted article, saying how the person who should have been held responsible for the accident regarding the chandelier should be the president's wife, but the mighty boss decided to ask one of his employees to take the fall for her instead.

There would never be a shortage of people who despised the rich and famous in this world.

An innumerable amount of 'morally righteous' netizens, hiding in the comfort of their computer screens, perfected the story with their imaginations running wild and executed 'justice' through the use of their posts by calling out the "Shameless CEO".

When he was done browsing through the various posts and comments, Rufus asked the manager, "Can't you even handle such a minor issue?"

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