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   Chapter 670 The Injured Girl

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The injured girl was sent to the hospital and order had been restored at the venue. Strangely, it was very quiet there, but a lot of noises were still buzzing inside Cassandra's head.

Rufus wanted to ask her about something, but he knew it wasn't the best time to do so.

After a while, he pulled her hand and gently said, "Cassandra, let's go home."

Cassandra raised her head, and saw people darting skeptical glances at her. Everyone seemed to be talking about her.

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and composed herself.

Solemnly, she declared, "I'm responsible for this accident. But I can assure you, I did thorough checks. It wasn't a procedural error. The important thing right now is to figure out what actually happened."

Rufus didn't try to question Cassandra any further. He tightened his grip on her, as if channeling his strength to her.

When they walked out of the main gate, a flock of reporters hurriedly flushed toward them.

Their noses were as sensitive as dogs'. Whatever could make a spicy news, they would sense in the shortest possible time and emerge at the scene out of nowhere! Only professional spies could compare to them in that aspect!

However, in this case, the reporters did not get a chance to ask many questions.

That was because before they could surround the couple, Rufus made a loud announcement.

"I am not very patient right now. I dare you to trigger me," he declared. Rufus's eyes were calm, like the calmest waters in the ocean. No one could possible fathom the devastating currents that lay under their surface.

For a moment, the reporters stood dazed. Taking the opportunity, Rufus quickly found his way through the crowd with Cassandra.

Sitting in the car, Cassandra gradually recollected her wits.

"Rufus, you should visit the girl who got hurt, or her family would definitely make a fuss about it. They can even take an action against us," Cassandra said. The people who had attended the party were all filthy rich and powerful.

As the organizer of the event, he was bound to pay a visit to the injured girl. That was what made most sense right now.

Rufus pondered for a while and concluded that her suggestion made sense. 'But what should I do with Cassandra?' he thought.

'If I take her along, and they find out she was in charge of the venue, they might vent their anger on her.'

"Stop the car!" Cassandra suddenly said.

Out of a natural reflex, Rufus abruptly applied the brake.

When the car stopped, Cassandra quickly opened the door and jumped out of the car. Her movements were swift like a butterfly.

"Since it isn't very late, I can take a taxi home. You should go to the hospital. Hurry! I'll wait for you at home." She retreated a few steps as she spoke and started to look to her side for a taxi.

Soon, a yellow cab stopped in front of her.

She gave Rufus a reassuring smile and sat inside the cab.

Edith was surprised to see her back home alone. "Has something happened? Why did you come back alone? Where's Rufus?"


e was confused, but the storm in her mind gradually slowed down.

She bit her lip, then spat firmly, "Even if that happens, I still want the person who caused this to be punished!"

Rufus nodded.

The girl was surprised at Rufus's composure. Feeling uncertain, she asked, "I heard that the person responsible is your wife. Are you going to protect her?"

Rufus looked into the girl's eyes and answered firmly, "I trust my wife. She wouldn't make such a careless mistake. It's a complicated matter. I'll find out the truth as soon as possible."

Rufus's calmness seemed to have passed on to the girl. In a low tone, she asked skeptically, "Do you really think so? Anyone can make a mistake. Perhaps..."

Before the girl could finish her words, Rufus interrupted, "I trust her." With that, he left the patient's room.

Now that he had settled the issue somewhat with the girl, it was time to deal with the difficult part—her parents.

"Mr. Luo, we've had some good business partnerships. I don't want to pressure you. I'll give you three days. I want to see the result of the investigation at the end of three days," said the father, outside the room.

The man was chubby with a funny-looking face. Rufus knew him to be a good-tempered, negotiable person. He hadn't expected him to behave so firmly and curtly regarding the matter.

One had to admit that a father's love for his daughter was powerful enough to alter his personality.

Despite the fact that he had many things to work on, Rufus went home for lunch.

This time, Cassandra listened to Rufus. She had stayed at home the entire time and didn't even go to the compound for a walk.

When she saw Rufus, the little woman hastily asked, "How are things? Have you found anything?"

Rufus gave her a reassuring smile. "Don't worry. I've found some clues."

Cassandra wondered in her heart whether Rufus was telling the truth or merely consoling her. She could do nothing but trust him.

"Take me to the office with you..." Cassandra suddenly requested.

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