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   Chapter 668 Heat It Up (Part Two)

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After hearing her response, Rufus broke into a smile. He accompanied her into the bedroom inside his office and promptly turned around to head for his desk.

"Mr. Luo, I need your signature for this document please," Winnie informed him as she handed the file over to Rufus.

Taking the document from her hand, Rufus checked its contents. And after making sure that there wasn't anything wrong with it, he signed his name as Winnie had requested.

Placing both of her hands on his table and staring at Rufus, Winnie patiently waited for him to finish signing the document. Then, she went ahead and leaned in even closer, making her clothes appear to be even more revealing.

When he was done signing it, Rufus told her in a flat tone, "Alright. Everything looks good."

Winnie immediately picked up the document. Seeing the look of indifference in his eyes, she suddenly couldn't help herself from feeling a bit frustrated.

Meanwhile, inside the bedroom, Cassandra felt sleepy after doing an hour of work.

Perhaps it was because she had gotten accustomed to sleeping frequently or maybe it was due to the fact that it took too long before they could have lunch that she was feeling extremely sleepy right now. She barely even had the strength to keep her eyes open.

It didn't take too long before she got onto the bed and dozed off.

When he took a second to come in and check up on her, Rufus only found the little woman lying on the bed with her shoes still on and without a quilt to cover herself up.

"Silly girl! You don't even have any idea how to have a good sleep," he sighed. Carefully stepping inside the bedroom, he didn't want to make any noise so as not to wake her up. Then, he proceeded to slowly take her shoes off and put a quilt over her as she slept.

Before leaving the room, he also went ahead and carefully adjusted the temperature of air conditioning for her.

By the time she woke up again, Cassandra realized that she was no longer inside the bedroom of the office, making her feel so surprised.

"How long was I asleep for?" she asked as she rubbed her eyes after sitting up from the back seat of the car.

Seemingly quite apathetic, Rufus replied, "Three hours."

It took Cassandra a bit of time before she could finally come to her senses. Taking a look at the time displayed on the screen of the car, she asked in utter astonishment, "I've been out since this afternoon? Until now?"

Rufus turned his head to glance toward her. Then, with a nod of his head, he told her, "Yep."

In an instant, one more important question popped up in her mind. She then asked again, "But

gh he was feeding his pet or something from the look he had on his face.

As usual, Edith prepared a handful of dishes for dinner bearing in mind that Cassandra had been hard at work today.

While they were enjoying dinner, Cassandra was a bit disappointed, knowing deep inside that she didn't accomplish anything earlier.

When they finally went to bed that night, Rufus tried to tease her one more time, but she just simply glared at him.

When his eyes met hers, the soft look in Rufus's eyes, something that seemed to manage to overwhelm anyone, increased the temperature inside the bedroom little by little.

As that was happening, with her eyes completely glued to his, Cassandra raised the question, "Rufus, how many people do you think are gonna attend the anniversary celebration?"

Rufus had been caught completely off-guard.

He had no choice but to admit that his wife had a knack for ruining such a romantic atmosphere.

In order to teach her a lesson, Rufus got on top of her, planning to do whatever it might be—something he wanted to do with her all the time.

"Rufus, how dare you do this to me?!" Cassandra, fuming with so much anger, asked him. "Especially before you even answer my question?"

Rufus continued teasing her by playfully licking and biting her earlobe which happened to be Cassandra's weak point. When he noticed that she was getting a bit short of breath, he told her in a rough voice, "Cassandra, you have a talent for getting me riled up."

In spite of her eyes getting blurry, Cassandra was still trying so hard to escape from his clutch. "I'm not...'"

Her sentence was immediately interrupted by Rufus's lips. With a soft kiss, he robbed her of her opportunity to say what she wanted to say.

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