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   Chapter 667 Heat It Up (Part One)

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"It seems to me that Ladd," Cassandra exclaimed, trying to find the right words to describe the man, "is quite an interesting person."

In agreement, Rufus nodded in response and echoed what she said, "Yeah, he is indeed very interesting."

Given that human lives could only last for so long, it would make sense for a person to want to get along with interesting people.

Before Cassandra could take a good look around every corner of the house, Ladd appeared to serve the dishes to them.

"Rufus, Cassandra, please take a seat anywhere you like and enjoy your lunch," Ladd announced.

Even from where she was standing, Cassandra could already smell the full aroma of the meat dish.

Ladd only prepared five dishes, including stir-fried meat with bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots were freshly gathered from the bamboo planted in the courtyard, and for the meat, he used pork freshly bought from the countryside. Apart from that, he also cooked a seafood dish, using a fish which he had caught himself and then raised in the house.

All things considered, the dishes he served weren't anything fancy, but the ingredients he used were natural and free from pollutants.

"You can take your time. No need to hurry," Ladd added, beaming the two of them a smile.

Knowing in an instant what he wanted to do, Rufus replied with a smile on his face, "Go ahead and fetch the wine!"

Without a second of delay, Ladd left the dining table and came back carrying a small bottle of Hua Diao Wine in his hands.

Immediately after he had opened the bottle, the whole room became enveloped with the bouquet of the wine.

"This is really some fine liquor!" Rufus commented. "It's significantly better than the one I had the last time I was here."

Upon glancing over at Cassandra, Ladd happily told him, "That's because you've brought your wife along with you this time. I want to celebrate our first meeting. I wouldn't have brought it out if this was just an ordinary occasion."

Considering that she was expecting, it was obvious that Cassandra shouldn't be ingesting any alcohol at all. That being said, she just couldn't bear smelling the fu

look on her face.

Nodding her head, Cassandra said in a serious tone, "Don't you dare forget that promise."

Since it was rather some distance away from the company, the two of them were now late for work, which shouldn't have been surprising in any way.

No one would ever dare complain about the head of the company being late.

Apart from that, no one had the nerve to say a word to Cassandra, a woman who dared to scold their boss.

"Are you gonna work on your design drawing in the internal bedroom?" Rufus was curious.

To that, Cassandra simply nodded, trying to observe the reaction on his face. She could tell right away that he preferred her to go straight home and take some rest.

"While you're working outside, I can also work inside the room. That way, we can go home at the same time when you get off work. Doesn't it sound nice?" Cassandra said with so much enthusiasm.

Raising his hand to gently brush it against her hair, Rufus replied, feeling so helpless, "You've been getting a lot of sleep every day, but you barely get any today, so I'm a little worried about you."

Little did he know that the reason why Cassandra wasn't feeling sleepy today was exactly due to the fact that she now had the opportunity to get some work done.

"Please relax. You don't need to get so worked up because of it. If ever I feel tired, I will go to bed immediately and take some rest," Cassandra reassured him.

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