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   Chapter 665 Proper Exercise

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Cassandra wanted to agree without giving much thought to it. However, she hesitated, thinking about Rufus's attitude toward her desire to work.

"How about I tell you my answer tomorrow? I would like to sleep over it," Cassandra said to Harry.

"No problem," he replied. They chatted for a while thereafter, then hung up the phone.

"Mother, what do you think about the idea of me taking up a part time job?" Cassandra probed her mother.

Without thinking twice, Edith responded, "That isn't a good idea. You cannot strain yourself physically or mentally while you're pregnant."

Edith had been studying recipes in order to keep Cassandra healthy, as her daughter was always quite weak and lacking in the form she needed to be in.

If she started working, all of Edith's effort would be for naught and her intention of keeping the girl healthy would be defeated.

She knew how dedicated and hardworking Cassandra was.

Cassandra got further upset at how bluntly Edith had discarded her idea.

"Mother, proper exercise is good for my health," said Cassandra, trying to convince her.

Edith didn't even look up. Coldly, she replied, "That isn't a valid explanation. If you go to work, you will be overloaded and stressed."

Her attitude was similar to Rufus's, hence Cassandra decided not to argue anymore.

"Mr. Luo, here is the guest list for the anniversary party. Please, have a look." Winnie handed over the list to Rufus.

Rufus went through all the names keenly, then started, "It seems fine. You can start preparing now."

He pondered over something in his mind, then added, "Don't choose the venue designer yet. I will tell you who's in charge for that tomorrow."

Winnie was confused. However, noticing that Rufus wasn't planning to enlighten her, she just nodded in response without asking any further questions.

From the moment Rufus returned home, Cassandra was struggling whether she should mention her desire to work again or not.

Even if she did raise the topic again, she was afraid that she would get the same answer from him as Edith's.

Just thinking about it, she started to feel low and upset, like there was no hope.

Rufus realized Cassandra was lost in her thoughts. He was waiting for her to tell him what she was thinking about. But to his surprise, she kept quiet. After dinner, Cassandra took a quick shower and lay on the couch, watching TV. Still conflicted, she kept glancing at Rufus from time to time.

'Why didn't she speak her mind?' Rufus wondered.

In the end, Rufus surrendered.

"Cassandra, what's wrong? Is there something you want to tell me?" Rufus asked in a low voice.

Cassandra looked at him, biting her lower lip. She was still hesitant to voice out her thoughts.

Rufus reached out to rub her head lightly, trying to make her comfortable. "It's alright. Just tell me what you're thinking about."

She finally told him about the villa design task that Harry had mentioned to her earlier today.

Rufus turned sullen. He managed to calm himself down and responded in a composed tone, "Cassandra, I have found you a much easier task." Cassandra's expression changed. She looked curious. He then continued, "TY Group is going to hold an anniversary party. I was thinking maybe you could design the venue for us

approximately and noted the data, the little woman started, "Now we can discuss about the design style. You can tell me your requirements. I'm all ears."

Rufus nodded his head and told Cassandra the style he had in mind.

Cassandra listened carefully as Rufus spoke, taking down notes occasionally. After he finished talking, she spoke, "Okay, I have a rough idea in my head. I'll work on the draft and show it to you after I finish."

Rufus smiled in response, nodding his head.

"So, do you want to stay here or go back home to work?" Rufus asked.

She considered the options in her mind for a while, then continued, "Can I do it in your office?"

Rufus smiled. "Of course you can. You can do it in the bedroom. If you feel tired, you can rest there as well. We can go for lunch afterwards."

Cassandra nodded her head, then followed Rufus back to his office.

"Just tell me if you need anything. I'll be right outside," said Rufus as they headed toward the bedroom.

Cassandra took a look at the layout of the bedroom. It wasn't particularly big, but it was very tidy and tasteful.

"Do you rest here often?" Cassandra asked suddenly.

"Yeah, I take naps here from time to time during lunch breaks."

Cassandra nodded, looking at the few books kept on the shelf attached to the bed.

Finally having seen the entire room, she sat down by the desk and started working on the draft.

Rufus took a look at her and left the room quietly.

"Is Mrs. Luo going to stay here for the day?" Winnie asked, feigning a casual tone.

Rufus turned mild without even realizing when Winnie mentioned Cassandra. It was funny that he had no idea how his stern attitude simply melted away at the very sound of her name.

"Yes. She is staying here and working on the design for venue." Even though he knew the sound insulation between the rooms was quite good, he still warned Winnie, "Don't bother her in there."

Winnie smiled in response.

Usually, she would chat with Rufus from time to time between the work.

That was how their relationship got improved.

But considering Cassandra's presence, Winnie didn't speak to Rufus about anything that wasn't related to business.

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