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   Chapter 664 A Cat

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Rufus didn't mention Harry anymore despite still harboring a dislike for him.

He got off work that day and came back home on time. As soon as he walked into the Qin family house, he saw Cassandra gently carrying a Scottish Fold in her arms.

Rufus sat down next to her. "Where did the cat come from?"

"I picked it up from outside," Cassandra answered, carrying the cat with one arm and softly stroking its hair with the other hand.

The cat was cute. Its eyes looked innocent and one look could make anyone's heart melt.

When he noticed that Cassandra didn't want to put the cat down, Rufus asked confusedly, "Why don't you put it down so it can walk around by itself?"

As far as he knew, Scottish Folds all looked adorable when they walked, due to their round bodies, short legs, and innocent looks.

Cassandra's eyes dimmed upon hearing this.

"I always thought Scottish Folds were cute. But when I took this cat to the pet clinic today," she said in a depressed voice, "I found out something I didn't know before."

Cassandra looked upset, so Rufus hastily stretched out his hand to stroke her hair in order to console her. In a soft voice, he said, "What did you find out? Tell me."

Looking at the cat sitting on her lap, Cassandra bit her lip before she spoke, "The folded ear is a congenital disability. It means that the bones are deformed, and that's why their ears are folded."

Raising her eyes to look at Rufus, she continued, "Maybe it looks cute and adorable but it suffers from having ears like that."

The look on Rufus's face shifted when he heard this. When he first saw the cat, he thought it looked cute and wanted to play with it.

But when he heard this, he felt guilty for wanting to play with the cat at the cost of its suffering.

"This cat has a strong sense of survival," Cassandra sighed. "That's why I've decided to keep it and raise it."

Wrapping his arms around her, Rufus said, "All right then. Come on, cheer up. Don't be sad anymore."

The little Scottish Fold looked at the two people in front of it blankly. It didn't know what they were talking about, but it recognized Cassandra to be the woman who rescued it and gave it a home.

Sticking its small and soft tongue out, it licked the palm of Cassandra's hand.

Cassandra stroked its head and fixed her eyes on it, looking at it out of pity and concern.

The cat moved as if it wanted to stand up to walk on its own. Perhaps its previous master would make it walk around itself and pose for all kinds of photos.

Cassandra knew what it wanted to do, but she pressed it down and said softly, "It'll hurt if you walk. Maybe you should just sleep."

Rufus softened at the sight of this.

He said, "Cassandra, now that this cat is part of our family, why don't you name it?"

Stroking the cat gently, Cassandra answered, "Good idea. Let's call it 'Cutie' because it's so cute."

Rufus nodded. Stretching his hand to stroke her head, he said, "You're cute too."


so worried and you'll get tired. What if something happens to you while you're on field work and I can't go to you right away?" That was his reason, out of concern for her health and safety.

Biting her lower lip, Cassandra said, "Nothing's going to happen to me. I will always be careful when I'm working."

Rufus shook his head. "I'm not changing my mind about this. You just stay at home, take care of the baby, and eat well."

Cassandra couldn't help but feel annoyed and helpless at the same time.

Determined, she said, "Rufus, I really want to work. I'm afraid I won't be able to catch up with the industry when I go back after I give birth."

Rufus tried to console her, "That won't happen. If you really want to work, you can design our house."

Cassandra couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Do you really think that's the same?" she posed.

Rufus looked stoic. "I won't let you go out to work."

"You're going too far!" Cassandra said, gritting her teeth.

Rufus said simply, "Well."

Cassandra was starting to get frustrated.

Rufus saw the look on her face and he knew that it meant that she wouldn't be giving up anytime soon.

If someone offered her a job, she would accept it and really go out to work.

So he just decided to tell everyone he knew in the industry not to hire his wife so she could focus on resting during her pregnancy.

He would also ask them to keep that as a secret.

When Rufus left for work, Cassandra called Harry to tell him what had happened between her and Rufus.

"He's going too far, isn't he? Right?" Cassandra said over the phone.

Harry echoed her, "Yeah. He's really going too far!"

Cassandra sighed, "I haven't worked in so long. I miss it! I miss designing!"

Harry paused then he said, "If you're really getting bored, there's a villa you can design."

Cassandra's eyes lit up. "Go on. Tell me more! Give me the details," she said.

Harry said, "A friend of mine is looking for a designer to decorate his villa."

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