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   Chapter 663 Don't Go So Deep

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Cassandra pursed her lips, her eyes turning cold. She didn't want to say anything too harsh because Edith was also there.

She merely kept silent, silently gazing at Rufus. Rufus felt as if Cassandra was mocking him.

He eyed Edith and said, "Mom, I have to go. I have something important to do. I won't be staying here tonight so please don't wait up for me."

Rufus was smiling when he spoke so Edith didn't notice that anything was wrong.

"Where are you going tonight?" she asked, baffled. 'Is he meeting some other woman? No, that can't be. If that's what he's doing, why would he tell us that he's going out?' she thought to herself.

Rufus then explained, still smiling, "I need to work on a business plan. We have a pretty tight schedule so I have to finish it as soon as I can."

When Rufus mentioned work, Edith decided to let it go. She didn't need to get involved in Rufus's business. "Don't strain yourself. You have to take care of your body."

She glanced at Cassandra who was being quiet. "Cassandra, you're quiet. Why aren't you saying anything?" she asked, confused.

Cassandra didn't want Edith to find out that she and Rufus were fighting. She put on a fake smile, turned to Rufus, and asked him, "Where are you going to stay tonight? Are you going to sleep at the company?"

Rufus had a strange look on his face that made Cassandra feel uneasy.

"I'm not sure." Then he waved goodbye to them and left.

Cassandra bit her lip as she watched Rufus walk off.

"Cassandra, come and eat some fruits." Edith was preparing a fruit platter for Cassandra. When she finished, she hurriedly brought it to her daughter.

She had heard that fruits were good for pregnant women. They were very hydrating which would be good for the baby's skin as it would come out tender and soft.

Cassandra sat next to her mother to eat. She had only taken a few bites when she lost her appetite. When she saw the look on Edith's face, she pretended she wanted more so she took in a few more bites.

Cassandra returned to her bedroom after her dinner with Edith, feeling uneasy.

What on earth was happening between her and Rufus?

This question hovered over her mind.

Finally after giving it much thought, she concluded what the source of their conflict was...distrust.

She didn't trust Rufus anymore. She didn't trust that Rufus would be loyal to her when he spent most of his day with a beautiful assistant.

Rufus, meanwhile, didn't trust that Cassandra was just friends with Harry.

Cassandra smiled bitterly. 'What should I do?' she asked herself.

That night, Rufus slept late. He was looking through some files like he was still working on something.

But he hadn't turned a page in an hour; it looked like he was distracted.

He got up to get a cup of coffee. Since he couldn't fall asleep, he decided that he would stay awake for the night. He had so many cases to handle, so it was a good ide

dra still sleeping?" Edith remembered that Cassandra turned in early that night.

Rufus turned a shade redder. "She couldn't sleep so I talked to her until she fell asleep. She's still sleeping so let's not wake her for now."

Edith nodded. It was important that Cassandra was healthy and taking care of the baby. She could sleep whenever she wanted. In fact, she was encouraged to sleep. She'd be bored not doing anything anyway.

After he had his breakfast, Rufus went back to the bedroom.

Gazing at Cassandra, he leaned towards her and kissed her.

Cassandra was exhausted from their lovemaking so she didn't even stir when Rufus kissed her.

He then left and went to work.

When Rufus arrived at work, his employees were pleasantly surprised to find that their boss was in the exact opposite mood he was yesterday—he was practically skipping today.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief in silence. When Rufus was in a bad mood, everyone had to be extra careful and cautious in everything they did. Fortunately, their boss was in a good mood again so they could finally relax.

"Morning Mr. Luo, you seem to be in a good mood today." Winnie smiled at him when she served him his tea.

Rufus was indeed in a good mood. Even though he and Cassandra still hadn't talked about some things, he was happy from the good time they had. Rufus loved that part of their relationship.

They wouldn't be able to fix their problems if they didn't know how to communicate with one another. The most important thing was that they were both willing to open their hearts to each other and talk. It seemed that Cassandra was willing to try and work things out with Rufus.

"Yes," Rufus replied. "Keep up the good work. Lunch is on me today. Tell everyone."

Winnie grinned. "Thank you so much, Mr. Luo."

When she turned around, the grin on her face disappeared. She thought, 'Rufus is in a good mood. He must have already made up with Cassandra...'

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