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   Chapter 662 Unaware Of Her Pregnancy

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At Doctor Li's clinic, as expected, Rufus was scolded again.

"I've told you last time to take good care of her. How could you let something like this happen?" Doctor Li scolded him.

Rufus just listened quietly.

Greyson was surprised to see this. He had always thought Rufus was a strong man but here he seemed sheepish and timid as he was being scolded by the doctor.

"The baby's fine but she has to rest. You should take better care of her from now on. If anything happens again, don't come asking me for help," Doctor Li said rather angrily.

Rufus merely nodded. "Okay," he said timidly.

When they left the clinic, he had with him bags and bags of traditional Chinese medicines, just like last time.

When they arrived home, Rufus gave the bags to Edith. He taught her how to use them and how often to take them as Doctor Li had told him.

Looking at Edith and Rufus, Cassandra said weakly, "Can I not take these medicines? They taste really weird."

"No," Rufus and Edith said at the same time.

Unsurprisingly, Edith cooked a lot for dinner that night. She said that for dessert she was going to serve some cupcakes.

"Mom, what's for dinner?" Cassandra asked.

When Edith finally laid out the dinner she had cooked on the table, Cassandra immediately smelled the aroma of satay. She felt delighted.

"Mom, why did you think of making satay noodles for dinner today?" Cassandra asked, smiling.

Edith sat at the dining table and told them to enjoy eating the food she had cooked. "Well, when I opened the refrigerator, I saw that we had ingredients for satay noodles so I decided to make some," she said simply.

Rufus had tried satay noodles once before while on a business trip to another city, but it was nothing compared to Edith's satay noodles.

"Mom, you're such a great cook. These are the best satay noodles I've ever had," Rufus said with a smile.

Greyson didn't say a word. He was too busy eating the satay noodles because they were so good.

Cassandra began eating too.

As soon as her mouth touched the noodles, she instantly tasted the exquisite mix of peanut butter and spicy satay sauce all tied together with the noodles. The satay noodles were scrumptious.

Cassandra closed her eyes and savored every mouthful. It was that good.

Edith loved watching everyone enjoy her cooking.

The following day, Hertha called Cassandra so they could talk about Greyson's situation.

She was hoping that Greyson could return to Melbourne so that he could go back to school. She also said that she would be more careful to make sure that nothing would happen to him again.

Cassandra hesitated. She decided to ask Greyson what he wanted. Greyson loved living with Rufus and Cassandra. He also liked Edith's cooking very much.

Still, he said that he wanted to return to Melbourne.

He didn't want Hertha to be alone, be


Cassandra nodded. "Yes, Mom. I will."

Rufus wasn't in the best mood when he got to work.

His employees tiptoed around him because they had noticed he was in a bad mood and they didn't want to provoke their angry boss. They had no choice but to work silently.

Winnie didn't say anything to him. Instead, she just made him a nice cup of tea.

Rufus thought of Cassandra as he drank his tea, 'Will she really go and have lunch with that man? What would they talk about when they get together?'

He became so restless that he accidentally spilled the tea all over his shirt.

Before Winnie could say something, Rufus immediately headed to the bathroom.

He always kept extra clothes in the office. When he had changed into a new and clean shirt, he returned to his desk and began working silently.

Winnie tried her best to talk to Rufus but he didn't seem to be interested in chatting with her. He only responded to her when it was about work.

She ended up giving up and just went on with her work.

When Cassandra saw where they were going to eat, her mouth twitched—it was an expensive restaurant.

Harry was pulling out all the stops by choosing this place for lunch. She didn't expect that he still hadn't changed over the years.

When she arrived at the private room Harry had instructed her to go to, she found that he was already waiting for her there.

Surprised, she asked, "Why are you early?"

Harry was reading a magazine at the table. When she arrived, he put it down and said, "I heard that women need at least half an hour for putting on makeup so I came early to wait for you."

Cassandra smiled as she sat down. "You're exaggerating! I don't need that long. Besides, I can't even put on makeup because I'm pregnant. It's bad for my baby."

It seemed that Harry didn't know she was pregnant until now. When he heard her mention that, something flashed across his eyes.

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