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   Chapter 661 Harry Ji

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"What's wrong with Greyson?" After she finished cooking, Edith came out of the kitchen and found Greyson sobbing in Rufus's arms.

Rufus raised his head and looked at his mother-in-law helplessly. "Don't worry, he's just feeling very upset," he replied.

When he heard Edith's voice, Greyson raised his head and stared at her with watery eyes. Panting and rubbing his eyes, he said, "Grandma, I'm hungry." His appearance softened Edith's heart.

Edith reached out and held Greyson up. "Let's go, Greyson. Grandma will take you to dinner. We have fish soup, meatballs and pork ribs, and more. You will love it."

Rufus and Cassandra who sat on the sofa felt ignored.

Edith did not seem to pay attention to them as they ate. She only focused on Greyson.

"Greyson, try this one. Eat more meat and vegetables. You need to have a healthy and balanced diet. Let's get you some soup..."

Watching Edith encourage him to eat so much made Rufus and Cassandra feel sympathetic towards the little boy.

"Please don't let him eat too much, Mom. It will be uncomfortable for him after and he might find it difficult to sleep," Cassandra said.

Seeing Greyson's round belly, Edith decided to concede to Cassandra's request and not to force Greyson to eat anymore.

Greyson rubbed his belly. He opened his mouth and was about to say something, but only a burp came out.

Cassandra could not help but burst out laughing. Greyson, embarrassed, instantly flushed.

"Greyson, would you like to take a walk outside with Daddy and Mommy later?" Cassandra asked with a big smile.

Greyson nodded his head. "I'd love to."

Since he arrived in China, Greyson had been trapped inside an underground casino. This was actually the first time he got to go out.

"Daddy and Mommy, Look! It's so busy here," Greyson exclaimed excitedly as he watched the streets of the city packed with traffic and people.

Rufus had planned to take Cassandra and Greyson for a walk to help them digest their food, but the numerous food stalls that sold delicious delicacies were too much for Greyson to ignore. He refused to move without trying something that caught his eye.

This left Rufus with no choice but to buy some for him and Cassandra as they were both eager to try them.

After the walk, Cassandra and Greyson felt even more stuffed.

When she saw them sitting on the sofa rubbing their bellies, Edith was puzzled. "Haven't you digested all the food you ate? You guys have been away for quite a long time."

Rufus shook his head helplessly. "They kept eating more along the way. I guess they are even fuller than they were before we left."

Looking at them, Edith said with pity, "I made plum soup for you while you were out, but I'm afraid you can't have any more food."

She then turned to Rufus, "Rufus, go have some soup. I made a lot and it might go bad tomorrow."

Rufus nodded. He then headed to the kitchen to get some soup.

Cassandra and Greyson turned to Edith as they rubbed their stuffed bellies. "I think we can have some too," she said.

Edith could not help but laugh. "Alright, you two. Go ahead. Plum soup can help aid your digestion, anyway."

Hearing this, Cassandra and Greyson rushed to the kitchen.

Although Greyson had only been there for half a day, it was evident tha

ood for my health," she explained.

Seeing that Edith was still unconvinced, Cassandra continued with her efforts to persuade. "Mom, Greyson and I will be starving by the time we get back. Please, just go and prepare some food for us, okay? Please?" she pleaded sweetly.

As expected, Edith finally agreed.

"Alright then, go and bring Greyson back as soon as possible. I'm going to make cupcakes for you."

Recalling the delicious cupcakes Edith had made before almost made Cassandra drool.

"Okay, Mother. I'm going now," Cassandra said as she walked out of the door. She was so excited to bring Greyson back so they could eat cupcakes together.

The playground was a favorite hangout for the children in the area. There were always plenty of kids there along with their babysitters.

Rufus had mentioned it to Greyson and encouraged him to go there so he could have some fun.

"Greyson!" Cassandra yelled out. When she got there, Cassandra found a group of kids playing with a rubber ball.

Looking around, however, she could not seem to find where Greyson was.

"Mommy!" Greyson shouted gleefully when he saw her looking for him. He immediately stopped playing and ran to her.

Cassandra walked toward him with a huge smile. Suddenly, however, an accident happened.

A rubber ball was thrown directly at Cassandra.

Having no chance to react, she was hit at the chest and fell to the ground.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Greyson exclaimed with horror. He turned pale, not knowing what to do. "Mommy, are you alright? Are you hurt?"

Greyson asked as he burst out crying. Fear and confusion overwhelmed him.

Cassandra was in severe pain. Mustering all her energy, she called Rufus.

"Rufus, I just fell to the ground," she told him.

Rufus was on his way home when he got Cassandra's call. Hearing what she said, his face immediately darkened. As fast as he could, he sped up, barely thinking about the possibility of being apprehended by traffic authorities.

After picking Cassandra up at the playground, he drove straight to Doctor Li.

Not wanting to worry Edith, Cassandra called her mother and told her that she wanted to spend more time outside with Greyson, instead.

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