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   Chapter 660 Do You Know Who I Am (Part Two)

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When Cassandra heard Greyson call her, all of her pent up emotions poured forth. "Yes, dear. Mommy is here! Mommy is here!" she exclaimed.

Rufus was finally able to heave out a heavy sigh of relief upon seeing Greyson safe and sound.

"Greyson, come over here. Let me have a look," Rufus told him.

Upon hearing Rufus's voice, Greyson suddenly felt all shaken up. There was an innumerable amount of emotions running in circles in his eyes—confusion, dejection, and panic.

"Mommy..." Greyson immediately grabbed onto Cassandra's hand. Even though he was already staring at Rufus, he seemed so hesitant to approach him. It was as though he was a person not to be trusted.

Rufus was at a complete loss, without a clue as to why he was being so distant to him all of a sudden. The pleasure of being able to see Greyson again gradually gave way to anxiety.

Without bothering to try relieving the tension between Rufus and Greyson, Cassandra simply pointed toward Harry. "Greyson, this is Uncle Harry. It's all thanks to him that we were able to find you here. Please show to him your gratitude."

Greyson quickly walked up to Harry Ji, courteously expressing how grateful he was, and then went back to Cassandra's side right away.

"Cassandra, now that we finally have Greyson back with us, we should be taking our leave," Rufus suggested in a low voice.

Unsure of what to do next, Cassandra gave Harry Ji a quick look, and then the casino's manager.

With just a single glance, Harry Ji instantly understood what she was being anxious about. He smiled at her and reassured her, "You don't have to worry about anything. I'll take care of the rest. You can go now."

Rufus might not have been pleased to hear that, but Cassandra had the exact opposite reaction.

"Okay, then. I can't possibly thank you enough, Harry. We'll be taking Greyson home now," Cassandra answered, beaming Harry Ji a grateful smile.

"Make sure to give me a call when you get home. And you owe me a meal for this one."

Cassandra gladly nodded. "Of course! Feel free to choose whichever restaurant you want. And what's your phone number, by

so much, Greyson."

Greyson stared at Rufus mindlessly, contemplating, 'The things he said last time were really hurtful, but I believe that Daddy still loves me. He's been good to me. He even got me my favorite meatballs, and he played lots of games with me. I think it's okay to trust him.'

Finally, Greyson warmed up to Rufus and walked closer.

Lifting him up, Rufus carefully put him on his lap. "Greyson, I won't ever get mad at you. You should know that. I love you," Rufus softly said.

Pursing his lips, Greyson looked Rufus straight in the eyes. Little by little, tears started to well up in his big innocent eyes.

"I really thought that you didn't want me anymore, that you were sick of me." Burying his head into Rufus's chest, Greyson cried as if his heart would break, wiping all of the snot and tears with Rufus's tailored clothes. Even though he was quite a meticulous man, Rufus didn't seem to be bothered by it in any way.

"That's my boy. Daddy is going to protect you. And I'm not gonna let anything happen to you ever again. I promise you that," Rufus solemnly swore. 'Going through the experience of being abducted could be quite traumatic even for an adult, and Greyson is just a little kid. Would he be able to recover from the trauma?

I think it would be best to have him checked by a psychologist, just to make sure that he doesn't get affected mentally, ' he thought in his mind.

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