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   Chapter 659 Do You Know Who I Am (Part One)

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Through his narrowed eyes, Rufus peered at the person who was right in front of him.

Not only was the man good-looking, but he was also blessed with such a soothing voice. Someone like him could surely attain success as an actor if he wanted to.

After three rounds, Rufus ended up winning only one round while his opponent managed to win two.

It was apparent that Rufus was so disappointed, but the person across him seemed quite pleased with the result.

"Could you tell me your name?" the man asked him.

"It's Rufus Luo."

The man gave him a bit of a sullen look, giving the people around them the wrong idea that he was already familiar with Rufus.

Be that as it may, the only thing he said was, "I've never heard of it."

Even for someone like him who had the ability to remain composed no matter what the situation was, Rufus still couldn't help his lips from twitching a little. It wasn't like he was so particular about how well-known he was, but he figured that any person who belonged to the top of social class should have heard of his name at least even once.

'Where could this gentleman be coming from? Why hasn't he heard of my name before?' Rufus deeply pondered to himself.

"What about you? Could you tell me your name?" Rufus asked, trying to hide how irritated he was.

The man candidly replied, "I am Harry Ji." The instant he told him his name, Cassandra sprung up, seemingly so elated.


It really is you!" With a smile on his face, Harry Ji turned his gaze toward Cassandra and nodded.

"Couldn't you recognize me at all? That really hurt me, you know? I knew it was you the second I saw you."

Rolling her eyes at him, Cassandra said, "Why didn't you say so in the first place? Were you just poking fun at me all this time?"

'He's still the rascal that he was from way back then!' Cassandra suddenly thought.

Harry Ji proceeded to put down his cards on the table. It looked like he had no intention of playing any longer. "Don't you know that already? My favorite pastime is teasing you."

As Rufus silently watched the unfamiliar man bantering with his wife, his face gradually became much darke

"Tell me, where is he right now?" Harry Ji asked him again.

"We still have him here. He's scheduled to be sent out tomorrow," the boss responded.

Cassandra gazed at Harry Ji, her eyes brimming with intense anticipation. "Bring him to me," Harry Ji forbiddingly gave the order.

'I honestly believed that we were going to have a hard time finding him. Never could I have imagined that it would be resolved so easily!' Cassandra cried out in her heart.

The instant she laid her eyes on Greyson, tears incessantly began streaming down her face. In a short span of a just a couple of days, Greyson had visibly lost some weight.

His eyes even seemed to have lost a bit of its shine. It was without a doubt that he had been through a lot.

"Greyson! Greyson!" Cassandra leaned over and frantically wrapped her arms around the little boy, her voice sounding like it was about to break. "Mom wasn't able to protect you well. I'm sorry it took so long for me to find you. This is all my fault. I've made you suffer a lot."

Greyson seemed so lost, like he was just looking right through Cassandra and still in complete disbelief, failing to make out whether this was all part of a dream or reality.

It wasn't until droplets of tears started running on his cheeks that he finally became conscious of the fact that Cassandra was really right here in front of him—his mother had come to save him. "Mommy!" he faintly blurted out.

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