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   Chapter 658 Familiarity (Part Two)

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"Mr. Luo, I have long heard of your great reputation," the manager greeted him with a bright smile across his face. "I would have gotten out to receive you sooner if I knew you were coming."

Rufus smiled in response. Inside, he thought about how to tell him why he came.

It was typical for people in illegal operations such as casinos to suspect everyone of something. He was afraid that they would not believe him if he said that he was looking for his child

because he had never really told anyone that he had a child. It was also known that he had just gotten married.

Given that, mentioning the child right away seemed like a bad idea.

Cassandra, however, was very anxious. Knowing that Greyson was here made her want to turn the place upside down and find him right away.

Rufus grasped her hand. This took her by surprise but she did not resist.

Seeing her, the manager took her as a random female companion. It was common for high rollers such as Rufus to bring a female companion with him as an accessory.

This was a way for them to flaunt their power and sex appeal. It was also more interesting to gamble with company.

"You have really good taste, Mr. Luo. Your companion is very pretty," the manager said with a smile.

As soon as she heard that, Cassandra frowned.

Sensing her apprehension, Rufus held her hand even tighter to pacify her.

His grip made her ease up. She realized that he had a plan and reminded herself that she was doing this for Greyson. She must not lose her temper no matter what.

The manager also noticed the sudden flash of fury and wondered if he had said anything inappropriate.

"Please come in," the manager said as he escorted them inside. "What would you li

master gambler answered as he looked at Cassandra meaningfully.

Rufus's expression instantly turned cold. Maybe the master gambler knew that Cassandra was important to him. Commenting about her was a good way to test his patience and make him lose his focus.

"No deal. I don't like anybody who looks at my woman that way," Rufus said while shuffling.

"One million a round, deal?" he added.

He didn't believe that the man who sat opposite to him could always win.

Besides, cheating was common in casinos. He was proud of his sharp eyes. If the man did try to cheat, he was confident that he would discover it.

"Okay," the man answered casually. For a moment, he continued fixing his gaze on Cassandra. Rufus was already about to flip the table by the time he turned away.

Cassandra, on the other hand, clenched her hands into fists. It irked her that from the moment they entered the establishment, people there saw her as nothing but Rufus's 'companion, ' which to her, was no different than a toy.

She knew that she should have been disgusted with how the master gambler looked at her. Oddly, however, he seemed rather familiar.

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