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   Chapter 657 Familiarity (Part One)

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"Tell me how much," Rufus said. The manager took the other children away after Rufus had chosen the child he liked.

The boy he chose had big eyes that seemed to be blurred with tears when he looked at somebody, which were similar to Greyson's.

With a huge grin across his face, the manager replied, "One million Australian dollars!" It was indeed a very exorbitant price.

Because of the shortage of children in the area, it was typical for them to charge high prices.

They usually bought children for less than two hundred thousand Australian dollars, but sold them for several hundred thousand or even a million Australian dollars.

This way, they got huge profits.

This was despite the fact that human trafficking was only the casino's side business. Their main business was earning very well, too. Still, because the manager personally attended to the side trade, its profitability was of great concern for him.

Without any hint of emotion on his face, Rufus replied, "Deal".

This made the manager's smile even bigger. He did not expect Rufus to take the price right away without even trying to strike a bargain.

As he had already won several hundred thousand dollars from the casino just that night, Rufus only had to add a few hundred thousand dollars from his own pocket for the asking price. He paid on the spot.

After smoothly closing the deal, the men chatted casually.

"Do you only sell locally?" Rufus asked. "I travel often because I do business all over the world, so if you also sell children in other places then you can tell me. I might want to buy again elsewhere," he added.

Hearing this made the manager smile once again.

"Yes, we do. In fact, we managed to acquire a new batch just a couple of days ago and we transferred them to another country on the same day a

ay. Although he was angry, he still found it difficult to express himself.

A casino was no innocent place. Too many things, not the good ones, could happen at such place any time.

Rufus and Cassandra rushed to the address given by the manager in Melbourne as soon as they got off the plane. They were determined to rescue Greyson as soon as possible.

Cassandra was starting to look pale. Rufus tried to convince her to go home but she would not budge. She insisted on going with him to the casino.

There was nothing Rufus could do but concede.

Although it was not his first time in a casino, Rufus was far from being an addict. Often, he only went there to accomplish a mission.

The casino whose address they were given was disguised well. From the outside, it merely looked like a private resort.

The moment Rufus and Cassandra stepped inside, however, a vigilant set of security guards stopped them.

Rufus handed them his business card and made calls to a few friends who had good connections.

Soon, a man who appeared to be the manager of the establishment came out to greet him. But of course, the real manager was still unknown. The real manager would not show himself so easily.

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