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   Chapter 656 Special Business

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"Yes." Hertha nodded.

Harward was extremely thrilled that Hertha came to him. Even though he knew that she was only asking for his help, he didn't mind.

"Give me the details and I will see what I can do," Harward said. It was the first time Hertha approached him. He decided that he would do his best for her.

Hertha pursed her lips, then she began to tell him about the day Greyson went missing. Harward confirmed with Hertha the exact route that Greyson normally took to go to school so that he could order his people to search the area.

As for Rufus and Cassandra, they went back in the meantime and waited for the news.

"Cassandra, are you alright? I was worried about you yesterday," Rufus said to Cassandra, hugging her.

Cassandra replied flatly, "I'm all right. You don't have to worry about me."

Her tone was emotionless. She didn't sound angry nor did she look angry, but Rufus could tell that his little woman was furious.

He decided to let it go.

One had to admit that Harward had his fair share of sources of information. What Allen and Abbado couldn't find only took him half a day to get.

"In the casino," Harward finally said.

Allen had always deemed himself as the underground ruler of this area. He often got his information from the gangsters who had access to information. As for the casino, it just never crossed his mind.

Cassandra was confused. "Why would Greyson be in the casino?"

'Greyson would most likely be taken by human traffickers or syndicates.

But why would any kidnapper take Greyson to a casino?' she doubted.

Harward put on a faint smile. "Casinos aren't just for gambling. There are lots of dark businesses that operate there too."

Hertha's father had told her some things about the casino, so she was quite familiar with it.

When she heard Harward say that Greyson was in the casino, the look on her face changed.

"Harward, is Greyson really at the casino?" Hertha's voice was trembling.

Cassandra didn't know why Hertha looked scared but she wasn't stupid; she knew it was because she was scared for Greyson.

"All the worst kinds of people go to casinos, even pedophiles, so it's very possible that someone would take kidnapped kids there." Something seemed to flash in his eyes as Harward spoke. "Someone informed me that the Sophie Casino just received a new group of kids."

Rufus, who had been quietly listening, asked, "Is there any way you can get in so you can see the group of kids?"

Harward nodded but rather hesitantly. His family had been involved in shady businesses before but they had already quit. In addition to that, his father had also warned him to never go back.

But now, he had no choice. At least, this time, he meant to do something good and Hertha would be destroyed if he didn't find Greyson—she seemed to be really fond of him.

Casino wasn't for everyone so Hertha and Cassandra, the two pregnant women, were forced to stay home desp


Rufus thought for a second before answering, "I want to see kids between four and seven."

The manager hesitated. After all, Harward and Rufus weren't regular clients. He wasn't convinced how good this deal was going to be.

However, when he looked at Harward again, he told himself, 'It's okay. I'll try my luck this time. If I can negotiate a deal with Harward, it'll be beneficial for me.'

So he told them, "All right. Just wait a second. I'll bring them in for you."

This time, he did bring in a few kids. Rufus looked grim as he scanned the lineup.

Greyson still wasn't among the lineup. Harward was perplexed. According to his source, Greyson was kidnapped by a group of people that supplied this casino with kids.

"Is this all you've got?" Rufus frowned.

Having done this numerous times before, the manager started to get suspicious of this new client.

He felt that the requests the man had been making showed that he wasn't really interested in the kids but rather something else.

Beads of sweat started to form on the manager's forehead. 'Whatever this person wants, even if he is with Harward, I have to be careful now.

However, Harward's been involved in some shady businesses before, so I don't have to worry about him telling the police.

I'm just worried that what if they're here for something else...what if they're our competitor?' the manager thought.

Harward and Rufus could tell that the manager had grown suspicious of them.

"I'll take this kid," Rufus suddenly said, pointing at a slim boy.

The manager didn't know what to think.

Still pointing at the kid, Rufus seemed annoyed. "What? Is there any problem?"

The manager hurriedly shook his head. There wasn't any problem at all. He had thought of Rufus as a picky client before, but now, he was a generous client who was going to bring him business.

'He's definitely rich, ' the manager thought gleefully. 'Let's see how much he's willing to pay!'

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