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   Chapter 655 The Lure And The Lust (Part Two)

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As a doctor, Allen knew that the two pregnant women had no scope of tiring themselves. He tried to persuade Hertha and Cassandra to stay at home, while he and Abbado went out to look for Greyson.

"Abbado, you look so strong, but it looks like you have a weak brain," Allen commented in a cross voice, looking at Abbado with his glaring eyes.

Abbado didn't understand what he meant. As kind as she was, Cassandra explained, "Abbado, he means you are brainless..."

Abbado got furious and snapped back, "Damn Allen! It seems like you're the one who doesn't have a brain if you can say a thing like this."

Allen raised his eyebrows, unwilling to submit. "Of course, I have a brain. Compared to you, I am a freaking genius!" he said.

"Really? So genius Doctor Allen, tell me, have you found Greyson using all your brainpower and connections?" Abbado asked slowly, laying emphasis on each word.

His question shut Allen up.

Cassandra could not be more worried, and their banter frustrated her even more. "Where on earth could Greyson be! He is just a little kid. We don't even know whether he has some money with him or not. What if he feels hungry or thirsty?"

Hertha had been taking care of Greyson for the past few days. She loved the boy wholeheartedly. She too was equally distressed about him missing.

She felt a sense of guilt when she faced Cassandra. Greyson had gone missing under her guardianship and she felt like she had failed Cassandra.

In reality, she had been very busy the day before and hadn't escorted Greyson to school like she always did. The boy went out alone. How could she expect he wouldn't come back?

She had even been to his school to inquire whether his teachers and classmates had seen him. Only then did she learn that Greyson had never showed up at school that day in the first place. Nobody had seen him.

er that she finally said, "I'm calling him right now. I'll get an appointment."

Rufus didn't know what had happened between Harward and Hertha after he and Cassandra left Melbourne last time, but it was obvious that Hertha didn't want to get in touch with the man.

On the other hand, Harward seemed quite happy to receive a call from Hertha.

As expected, he agreed to meet Hertha outside.

He had thought it would be a date with her. To his unpleasant surprise, he found a group of people waiting with Hertha upon arriving at the designated place. Quite naturally, his mood got spoiled.

Making the situation worse was Allen, who didn't know how to behave in such a delicate situation. His eyes remained fixed on Harward. After a while, Harward simply could not bear his constant gaze and glared back at him fiercely. Allen started to restrain himself from that point on.

"Tell me! Why did you want to meet me suddenly? And with all these people?" Harward asked in a casual tone, pulling his tie lazily.

Hertha hesitated for a moment. Biting her lip, she finally answered, "I need your help to find somebody."

Raising his eyebrows, Harward asked back casually, "And is that somebody the boy who's been living with you?"

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