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   Chapter 654 The Lure And The Lust (Part One)

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"Mr. Luo..." Winnie called Rufus in a soft voice, leaning towards him. Each move she made was charming enough to fascinate anyone.

However, Rufus seemed to lack the sense of romance. In fact, her behavior made his eyes grow colder.

She was very, very drunk. Rufus thought it was impossible to get her address, so he asked for a guest room in the same hotel for her. He didn't take her to the room himself. Instead, he asked a female staff member to escort her. He even paid her a large tip, asking her to take proper care of Winnie.

Assured with the arrangement he'd made, he headed back home.

As soon as he reached the Qin family house, he saw Edith standing by the gate. Her eyes were red. It seemed like she had been waiting for someone anxiously.

"Mom, what are doing out here at this hour?" Rufus asked in confusion. Cassandra should have urged her mother to sleep on time. He didn't understand why Edith hadn't gone to sleep at her regular time.

"Rufus, Rufus!" she exclaimed, worried. "Has Cassandra come back with you?" Edith asked him, clutching his wrist. She looked very anxious. Her forehead was sweating.

Her question made Rufus's heart sink. "No, she isn't with me. She isn't at home?"

Tears oozed in her eyes instantly, upon hearing him say no.

"How could it be? She said she was going to your office to give you a document, and hasn't come back since then. I tried calling her but her cellphone is off."

Her worry incremented with each word. "Where could she possibly go? How can she be so careless? She's bearing a child right now!"

Despite the restlessness in his heart, Rufus tried to pacify his mother-in-law. "Mom, don't worry. I'll go and look for her."

At the moment, Rufus seemed to her like a life-saving straw. "Okay..." Edith said, almost on the verge of sobbing

mail it to me directly. I will work online for the next few days."

Winnie affirmed and took a pause. After hesitating for a while, she continued, "Mr. Luo, I was quite drunk last night. Did I do anything inappropriate?"

Before Rufus could answer, she added in a vexed tone, "Every time I get drunk, I behave crazily! Did I make a joke of myself yesterday?"

Rufus realized she really had no idea what she did last night. He felt a little relaxed now.

'Well, if she was acting madly just because of the alcohol, I can forgive her, ' he thought.

All of a sudden, Winnie spoke something in a way like it had just struck her, "Oh, by the way, yesterday before I came to see you, I had met Mrs. Luo. She wanted me to give you a message, but I saw you drinking when I arrived and then I started drinking too. I forgot to tell you what she'd said..."

Her tone sounded increasingly guilty as she continued speaking. Rufus could not be at ease to criticize her. He spoke in an apathetic voice, "It's okay. I'm on my way to join her now."

Hertha, Abbado and Allen had been to many places to search for Greyson, but couldn't find the little boy. After she arrived, Cassandra took no rest and joined them.

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