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   Chapter 653 Seduction (Part Two)

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"My child is missing. I have to go tell his father," she replied.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the driver sped up even more.

Meanwhile, in Rufus's office, he suddenly realized that his phone was dead due to an empty battery. He raised his head and looked for Winnie. "Winnie? Where's my charger?"

Soon, Winnie came back and handed it to him. Suddenly, Mr. Liu, who had become one of his business partners, arrived without so much as a heads up.

"Hi, Mr. Luo! I was just in the neighborhood so I decided to drop by. I hope I'm not disturbing you," Mr. Liu said politely. He looked gentle, but Rufus knew that he was probably mistaken. Without toughness, he would not have been able to grow his company so successfully.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Rufus answered, "Of course, not. I'm happy to see you."

Without beating around the bush, Mr. Liu went straight to the point. He said, "Mr. Wang has been in hospital for several days. I heard that he is more stable now. A few friends want to visit him together. Would you like to join us?"

Rufus nodded without hesitation. He went out with Mr. Liu.

"Mr. Luo, you may go ahead. I will follow when I finish doing the work you assigned," Winnie said with a smile on her face.

"Okay," Rufus said, nodding.

Shortly after Rufus left the office, Cassandra arrived.

Winnie had just left as well. By the time she arrived at Rufus's office, Cassandra was told that both he and Winnie were already out.

She was very disappointed to hear that. Seeing her reaction, a senior executive of the company suggested, "Oh Mrs. Luo, why don't you contact Winnie, his assistant, since you can't get through to Mr. Luo? They're always together, after all."

As soon as his words escaped his mouth, he suddenly realized that there was somet

fact that she could no longer keep herself steady.

Sighing, Rufus walked to her and asked, "Where do you live? I will take you home."

Perhaps it was because she was drunk that Winnie suddenly stretched her arms and wrapped him around his neck.

Her warm breath hit his face and the sickening aroma of alcohol from her mouth filled him.

Winnie was a beautiful woman. Intoxicated with alcohol, her cheeks were rosy and her eyes were blurred. Any man who gazed at her would be enchanted by her immediately.

Ordinary men would not be able to resist accepting attention from her at the moment.

Rufus, however, was no ordinary man. Despite her beauty, he frowned, feeling disgusted.

"Stop! Where do you live? I'll have the driver drive you back," Rufus said. He was about to lose his patience.

Winnie, however, seemed oblivious to what he said. Despite his objections, she kept trying to cling to him. Before Rufus pushed her away, she even managed to kiss him on the cheek.

In the dark, someone secretly photographed the critical scene.

Rufus completely lost his patience after Winnie did that. He pushed her away forcibly and maintained a safe distance from her for the rest of the night.

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