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   Chapter 652 Seduction (Part One)

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"How could you say that, Rufus?" Cassandra exclaimed as she pointed a finger at him. She was furious.

Rufus, who spoke candidly, suddenly realized his mistake.

He opened his mouth to try to explain. Before he could utter a word, however, Cassandra had already stormed out of the room.

Without thinking, he ran after her.

Meanwhile, neither of them noticed that the screen of Cassandra's cellphone was actually on.

She had slid her finger on the screen a few moments ago to silence the ring from an incoming call. What she did not know, however, was that instead of doing that, she had picked it up by mistake.

As a result, Greyson, who was on the other end of the line, had heard the whole conversation. He listened blankly before silently hanging up a few minutes later.

Rufus soon managed to catch up to Cassandra. For fear that Edith would find them quarreling, he immediately wrapped her in his arms and placed his chin on her shoulder to help her calm down.

"Cassandra, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I spoke too harshly. Please don't be angry anymore," he pleaded apologetically.

Cassandra, however, could not shake her feelings off so easily. "Greyson isn't our biological son, but in my heart, I have always seen him as my own," she replied. "When I heard you say those words, I realized that you didn't see him the same way. You don't see him as part of our family, after all."

Rufus held her even more tightly. He felt so helpless. "Please, Cassandra. I didn't mean that. I got carried away. I got too emotional. That was the only reason why I said those things. Please forgive me."

Cassandra did not respond. Realizing that she was not about to forgive him, Rufus decided to try a different strategy. "Look, let's at least go back to the house first. It's so cold outside. You might freeze,"

. Wait for me," Cassandra said and hung up without saying another word.

She then tried to call Rufus but found that his cellphone was turned off.

Cassandra was really worried now. Greyson had been made to join an illegal organization once. He got lucky before, but should it happen again, she was not certain that he would be able to escape from it this time.

Since she couldn't get through to Rufus, she decided that it was best for her to take a cab and see him in the office instead.

Noticing that she was about to leave the house, Edith blocked her way. "Where are you going and why do you look so anxious? What happened?" she asked.

Cassandra did her best to look calm. "Oh, nothing. Rufus accidentally left a document at home, so I just plan to send it to him," she explained as she forced a smile on her face.

Edith seemed convinced. Without bombarding her with more questions, she let her go.

Cassandra tried several times to get the cab driver to speed up on their way to the office. Taking her anxiety as a clue that something very serious must have happened, the driver obliged her request. As they were zooming through the highways, he asked, "Is everything okay, Miss? What happened?"

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