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   Chapter 651 Mommy Is Pregnant (Part Two)

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"I'm fine with that," Rufus agreed.

But in the next several days, when Cassandra asked how soon they could head for Melbourne to visit Hertha and Greyson, Rufus kept excusing himself that he was still too busy.

One day, she brought lunch for Rufus as usual, and was upset to find that her husband was getting on well with Winnie.

"What do you think of Winnie?" she asked tentatively when she and Rufus were left alone in the office. "She handles her work pretty well, and she is easygoing," he replied honestly. But he quickly noticed that his wife was getting jealous, so he explained hurriedly, "I have no feelings for her. I just see her as an employee."

Each time she saw Rufus and Winnie in his office alone, Cassandra would suspect that something was going on between the two. However, she kept her feelings, careful that she might be a little paranoid, maybe due to prenatal depression.

'Rufus told me he has nothing to do with that woman, but I just feel distracted and restless at the thought of them together.'

Several days later, Winnie invited Cassandra to have tea. She said that she was interested in design and wanted to talk to her in order to learn a few things from Cassandra's experience.

Although she didn't like Winnie, Cassandra still accepted the invitation. That afternoon, she came to the cafe and saw the girl sitting by the window, eagerly waiting. During the conversation, Winnie didn't go into small talk. She went straight to her questions, maintaining a professional approach. Cassandra reciprocated with equal calculated courtesy.

After they were done with business related questions, Winnie attempted to change the tone of the meeting, but she failed. "Mrs. Luo, you look great," she started, try to digress.

d snap at him. And sometimes, he would get impatient.

"I will only go on a business trip for three days. After that, we can fly to Melbourne and check on Greyson. What's the rush? The boy is doing okay there," he retorted.

While they argued back and forth, Cassandra got a call from Greyson.

But she was in such a foul mood that she slid the screen to end the call without casting her cell phone a look.

"Just answer my question: are you going to Melbourne with me or not?" Cassandra asked, staring him in the eye.

She was loath to let Rufus go on a business trip with Winnie. The thought of the two staying together made her paranoid.

However, Rufus did not give in to her whims. He snapped, "I don't get it. Greyson is doing well there, why does he want us to see him so soon? He should learn to think more of other people's interests as well."

'Is he blaming Greyson?' Cassandra thought. Gaping at him, she asked in disbelief, "Do you have any idea what you're talking about, Rufus?"

Rufus was really pissed off this time. He said, "I like good children. We have just left him for a few days, and now he has already become so wayward and selfish."

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