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   Chapter 650 Mommy Is Pregnant (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-10-18 00:04

"Fine, I believe you. Hurry up or the food will get cold," Cassandra urged, smiling brightly.

Right after Rufus and Cassandra finished their meals, Winnie emerged into the office.

"Honey, I got to go. See you later," Cassandra said to Rufus as she caught sight of Winnie.

As she walked past, Winnie greeted her politely. Although Cassandra responded indifferently, the assistant looked like she didn't take it with any hard feelings.

Coming home, Cassandra had nothing much to do, so she entered the study, intending to go over some unfinished blueprints. A couple of minutes later, she dropped the pen on the table, too distracted to focus on her drawing. Out of the blue, she thought of Hertha and promptly made a call.

On the second ring, Hertha answered the phone.

"I couldn't reach you the other day. What happened?" Cassandra inquired.

After a pause, Hertha replied, "Nothing. Everything's good. I must not have taken my phone with me when you called."

Cassandra filled her in on her pregnancy.

Hertha smiled and replied jokingly, "Congratulations! Perhaps, if they were a boy and a girl, our children might just have found themselves a future spouse. Childhood sweetheart, how sweet!"

"That would be interesting," Cassandra said. "I can imagine, with your charming beauty and Jarrod's good looks, whichever side your baby falls, I bet Mom and Dad's genes will come to their best."

Then Hertha excitedly asked, "Deal?" To which Cassandra added, more seriously, "Yeah, we should let them grow up close to each other. Who knows? Feelings may come in time, and they might get married."

The tone of her words was amusing. It was just a joke, but apparently, Cassandra took it seriously. "But what if we both have baby girls or boys?" Hertha asked.

After a moment's thought, Cassandra put on a troubled look. In low s

ed gingerly, "Do you think Mom will always be fond of me?"

Without thinking twice, Hertha replied, "Of course she will. She cares for you very much."

Greyson felt better after hearing this.

At night when Cassandra called again wanting to talk to Greyson, Hertha put the boy on the phone right away. "I bought you more interesting comic books. When I come back, I'll bring them with me," Cassandra said happily.

"That's great. Thank you, Mommy," Greyson replied. He then inquired about what Hertha had told him that day. "What will happen when the baby that you told Hertha about comes? Will you still love me, Mommy?" he asked with a lot of concern.

Cassandra reassured him that she would never abandon him. She would always love him, she promised, which set Greyson's mind at ease.

When she ended the call, she heaved a sigh with a frown. Still looking at the cell phone, she told Rufus, "Looks like Greyson really feels insecure about having a sibling."

Rufus put his arms around her waist from behind and reasoned, "Greyson has been through a lot. It's natural that he will feel insecure."

Turning around to kiss his face, Cassandra said in a gentle voice, "I miss Greyson. How about we go to see him soon?"

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