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   Chapter 649 What If He Falls For Her (Part Two)

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Poor Edith. She has racked her brains in preparing nutritious meals in the hopes that Cassandra can put on some more weight. Looks like it was all in vain.'

Cassandra woke up the moment Rufus placed her on the bed.

"Honey," Cassandra said drowsily, while rubbing her tired eyes.

Rufus then explained, "Hey sweetie. I planned on coming home early, but the company boss called me to a meeting. I just couldn't get out of it."

The scent of the familiar perfume wafted through her nose. She asked, "Did you bring your new assistant to this meeting?"

Rufus nodded, "Yes. It is just work."

Her heart fell. She didn't show it, but she was sad. She just closed her eyes and said, "Good night!"

Rufus tucked her in before whispering, "Sweet dreams, sweetie. I'm going to take a shower then I'll be right beside you."

Cassandra just turned her back towards him.

Rufus then stood up from the bed and made his way to the bathroom.

When he closed the door, Cassandra opened her eyes.

The scene of Winnie in a revealing bathrobe appearing in Rufus's office popped into her mind.

'She's attractive and smart. What if Rufus falls for her?

The two are together constantly. Can he really control his urges and not fall in love with her?' Questions plagued her mind.

She took a deep breath and told herself to stop.

Restless, she tossed and turned. When Rufus was out of the shower, she had already dozed off.

Rufus wrapped his arms around her waist. With a content smile, he was fast asleep.

The very next day, Cassandra woke up with no sign of her husband beside her.

"Rufus?" she called while hurriedly getting up from bed.

Rufus, who was standing in the living room, called out. Cassandra walke

f us, ' he surmised.

Cassandra blinked and replied, "I haven't, actually. I wanted to eat with you."

Rufus leaned in and caressed her head affectionately. "You must be hungry. Come on, let's eat."

Rufus took a few bites and then stopped. Looking at the food and then to his wife, he asked, "This is your cooking, right? Why did you cook yourself?"

Cassandra was surprised he found out. "How did you know?"

Rufus replied, "I just know."

Looking dejected, she then said, "You're probably thinking Mom is a way better cook than me. I guess the food sucked."

Rufus was amused by her words. He then said, "What the hell are you talking about? I only knew because I've tasted your cooking before and all I can say is, you're an amazing cook too."

After a few moments of silence, he added, "I remember everything about you."

His flowery words tugged at Cassandra's heartstrings. Despite this, she pouted and responded, "How should I know? Maybe you're just being nice."

Rufus placed his left hand on his chest and raised his right arm in an oath. He said, "I swear to God, I am telling the truth. I will never lie to my Cassandra."

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