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   Chapter 648 What If He Falls For Her (Part One)

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Cassandra answered, "You've got it all wrong. I kinda figured you were extra busy these days, so I opted not to call you."

'Victor is busy opening his own company. I'm absolutely positive she's been helping him, ' she thought.

"I see. Well, whatever then," Stella then changed the topic expertly. "Where are you? I'm free to meet right now."

After she told Stella her location, the girl's excited shriek resounded from the other end of the line. "Wait for me, okay? I'm on my way!"

Before Cassandra could reply, her good friend hung up.

Cassandra shook her head while smiling. She was absolutely speechless after that. After dumping her phone back in her handbag, she continued scanning the shelves for suitable comic books for Greyson. She read each premise carefully, and collected several which she thought were both interesting and suitable for children. Then she took a seat after the tiring feat of scanning the whole store. She picked one out of her stack to read while waiting for Stella to arrive.

A couple of minutes later, Stella walked up to the entrance of the book store. Apparently, when she made Cassandra a call back then, she was already in the vicinity of that book shop.

She looked around. When she did spot Cassandra seated inside, her eyes lit up with joy. "Cassandra!" she called out vibrantly.

Cassandra picked up her stack of books and walked briskly towards her friend. In a low voice, almost a whisper, she said, "Keep your voice down, girl. You're disturbing others!"

She then handed the comic books to the cashier and said, "Ring these up for me please."

The cashier took the books and scanned them one by one; after a few seconds, she packed them in paper bags and handed them to Cassandra. The little woman then paid the amount due.

When the two left the

o come back early, and he agreed.

But he's not keeping his word, ' she thought sadly.

Getting more furious by the second, she flipped out her phone and attempted to call her husband. But she stopped as some thoughts occurred to her.

'I'm not going to call him. I'd like to know exactly what time he'll be back.'

"Mom, it's actually getting late. Head on upstairs and get some rest," Cassandra told her mother who was already half-asleep.

Edith rubbed her sleepy eyes and glanced at her watch. In a displeased tone, she said, "It's already this late? Why hasn't Rufus come home yet?"

Cassandra wanted to spare Rufus from her mother's anger so she lied—a white lie to be specific. Smiling at Edith, she replied, "Rufus told me he had an appointment tonight, so he would be back late. Go and get some sleep. I'm going to bed too."

After a short while, Rufus arrived. He saw Cassandra lying on the sofa, sleeping.

With a frown, he said to himself, 'Why didn't she sleep in the bedroom? She'll catch a cold like this.'

Tiptoeing to the couch, he bent over and lifted her up, then carried her to their bedroom. 'She claims to have gained weight but here she is, still light as a feather.

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