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   Chapter 647 Please Don't Be Mad At Me (Part Two)

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Rufus looked down at the broken cup and the spilled coffee on the floor. He called for a cleaner to come in and deal with it.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Naturally, Rufus assumed it would be the cleaner, so he opened the door in a casual manner.

"Cassandra?" Rufus was surprised to see her standing at the door.

She walked in with a smile, raising the brown bag in her hand. "Mother made some delicious desserts. I want to bring you some so you can eat them while they're still hot."

Rufus smiled. "I can try them after I return home, Cassandra. It must have been tiring for you to come all the way here."

Cassandra pursed her lips, making a sad face. "Why? Don't you want to see me?"

"Of course I do. Why would you say that? I want to see you every second, every minute of every day. I'm just worried about your health. What if you'd gotten hurt on the way?" he said, holding her by her arms.

As they talked, a noise came out of the bathroom.

A pretty lady walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

"Mr. Luo…" Winnie started but stopped the moment she saw Cassandra in the room.

An ominous silence fell upon the room. Rufus looked at Cassandra and found her expression to be sullen and cold as she looked back at him in shock.

Rufus pointed at the mess on the floor and explained to Cassandra, "I knocked down the coffee by accident. Winnie's skirt got stained, so I asked her to clean it up in the bathroom."

Inside, Rufus felt relieved that the cleaner hadn't cleaned it up before Cassandra came. It would have been very difficult to convince her otherwise.

Cassandra muttered an "Oh" under her breath, convinced by Rufus's explanation. Winnie's presence around him made her uncomfortable, even though

his sweetheart. No one deserved his kindness except her.

On the other hand, Cassandra didn't head straight back home.

She decided to be out for a little longer. Walking after a while, she came across a bookshop.

She went inside, since she wasn't in a hurry to do anything else anyway.

The bookshop was quiet. There were only a few people in it. Everyone moved around in a gentle manner, as if they were all instructed not to make any sounds.

Cassandra browsed through many shelves before stopping in front of the one full of comic books.

She reached out to go through some of the names. She couldn't help but smile.

'Greyson will love these comic books. I wonder if he's finished the ones I bought for him last time. Does he like the lovely desk-mate in his class?' Cassandra couldn't help but indulge in reveries.

The more she thought of the little boy, the more she wanted to meet him. She wanted to touch his lovely face and stare into his tiny, watery eyes.

Suddenly, her phone started to ring, bringing her back to the present. "Cassandra, where are you right now? Have you forgotten you've promised to invite me for dinner?" Stella spoke over the phone.

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