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   Chapter 645 A New Assistant (Part Two)

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Before she could say anything else, Rufus thought of getting in touch with Abbado. This time, the latter picked up the phone right away.

After talking over the phone for a few minutes, he finally hung up. Noticing that Cassandra was still very much on edge, he told her, "I requested for Abbado to drop by Hertha's house to check how they're doing. Please try to calm down for now. We'll be hearing from him soon enough."

From out of the blue, the name and image of a certain man popped up in Rufus's head. If Hertha really got into some sort of trouble, without a doubt, Harward must have had something to do with it. He looked like such a troublemaker.

It took a while before Abbado finally gave Rufus an update, letting him know that he saw Hertha and they were doing well.

Cassandra couldn't really put her finger on it, but she still couldn't put her heart at ease even after receiving the good news.

"Rufus, let's go to Melbourne again when your schedule allows it, okay?" Cassandra proposed.

It had only been a few days since she got back home from Australia, but she was already feeling a bit of a separation anxiety from being separated from Greyson.

Rufus simply nodded his head in agreement.

After spending two seemingly long and tiresome days of screening resumes and conducting preliminary interviews, Victor was able to narrow down the candidates into the last five who would be coming in for a final interview. The new assistant was gonna be one of those five people who would make it through the final round of interviews, that of which was going to be conducted today.

This time would be a little different, since Rufus would also be taking part in the actual interview.

The five candidates consisted of one male and four female applicants.

The moment he saw the ratio of their genders, Rufus felt a bit displeased. The truth was that he wanted to avoid getting himself surrounded by too many women, because he felt like a bunch of them were just interested in enticing him in hopes that they would be able to reel him in and make a fortune for themselves. He really despised the thought of being treated merely as a potential stepping stone for them.

"Mr. Luo, each of these five people is quite competent," Victor proudly informed Rufus, whispering over his ear. "Especially that one in particular, the woman wearing a red dress. I went through her resume and from what I could tell, she has the best background and track record among all of the five candidates."

Rufus lifted his chin to take a good hard look. The woman in the red dress seemed pretty but elegant i

om, there's no need for you to prepare so many dishes for me every day. It's too troublesome," Cassandra exclaimed when she stumbled upon Edith reading a cookbook and looking at recipes just as she normally did. The way she was putting too much effort into those meals made Cassandra feel worried that her mother might end up tiring herself too much because of her.

Edith was too immersed in the cookbook when Cassandra walked in. After hearing her comment, she raised her head to look at Cassandra and retorted, "I don't find it troublesome in any way. There's nothing else more satisfying than seeing my grandchild grow up in good shape with enough nourishment."

In the end, Cassandra couldn't help but let out a helpless smile. Then, she proceeded to remind Edith, "Mom, it's still much too early to be talking about that. It's still a few months before you could get to see your grandchild. You don't have to get so worked up."

Whenever her grandchild was brought up in their conversations, a smile would appear on Edith's face.

"How on earth could I possibly stop from getting excited? I can't wait to hold the little child in my arms."

When he finally got back home, Rufus overheard Cassandra and Edith fervently having a conversation inside the room.

"Rufus, why did you get here so late this time?" Cassandra questioned him.

With his hands massaging his forehead, Rufus explained, "Everyone in the company has been quite busy for the past few days. And it should go without saying that I am no exception. I tend to lose track of the time when I'm working."

With her eyebrows deeply knit, Cassandra asked, "Didn't you just hire a new assistant?" Hasn't that person been sharing any of the workload for you at all?"

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